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Which is a better pet? Reward $2
Created by Elderwand8, 609 days ago, 695 views

If you had to choose a pet, would you choose a cat or a dog?
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pustoi11609 days ago

Cat cleanly, they are not like the smell of the dog. If you are confused by the smell of the dog in the house, it is an argument in favor of a cat. Cats do not need to walk in the street like dogs. It looks great cats to dogs for lazy people. Accordingly, the cats do not need to wash your feet after a walk. Cats do not need as much attention as dogs. Dogs are more dependent on people. Many dogs suffer when they are left alone at home for long. Cats can be safely left alone at home for a day - two, providing them with water and food at this time. In general, in comparison with the dog cat needs less maintenance. The dog, unlike cats need not only greater care and attention, but also training and education. Ill-mannered dog can misbehave, for example, gnawing wires in the house or something else to chew or spoil. Cats, unlike dogs do not bark. A dog barking, sometimes a lot and loudly, and without any reason. The dog may bite a big dog can cause a significant health hazard. Although the cat, too, can bite, but because of its size, can not cause significant damage to human health.

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Aravi609 days ago


I will choose a cat. Because it it will best suit my appartment life. If I have to choose a dog I will choose small size breed like pug.


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Masum609 days ago

Dogs. I like to be worshiped.

I prefer dogs because I think we can make a deeper connection with them. Dogs are social animals much in the same way we are social animals, so they offer more companionship. I personally think it's much fun to play with a dog. One can go running or bike riding, swimming with dogs.

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jasonr73609 days ago


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shestar609 days ago

Dog but I would like to have one of each. Dog for companionship and cat to keep down rats.

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Drmgiver609 days ago

I would choose a snake. I have

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ckoch609 days ago

dogs are your buddies and usually nicer then cats but they need to be washed often
and taken out for a walk to you know what. Cats clean themselves, go in the litter
and never have to go out unless you take them to the vet or something. If you can
stand a cat sometimes turning its back on you cats are better for the above reasons.
BUt they also are creatures of habit as they develop routines they want you to
perform every day. They want petting, sit on your lap, play time. Dogs are a trade
off for some people with regards to the extra work because they don't turn you into
a slave like cats do and they don't turn their backs on you sometimes, Dogs are loyal
on another note cats chase mice and bugs and keep your house free from those
things dogs don't.

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Walid04x609 days ago

i have 2 small turtles and they dont need lot of care and food

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