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Who is the best candidate in the U.S. presidential election? 5
Created by Elderwand8, 907 days ago, 857 views

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?
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CoolCat907 days ago

No more Clintons for US please!

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Aravi906 days ago

Hi @Elderwand8
I think Hillary Clinton is better candidate then Donald Trump.


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igor899 days ago

Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Angela Merkel ...I very much doubt that Hillary Clinton will continue this series.

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rasti899 days ago

Hillary Clinton. Trump is not hero.

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SetupComputer898 days ago

Donald Trump as president is for those who are already tired of politics.

Most presidents nowadays focus on their personal enrichment and power-growth, that they often neglect the masses, looking at them as mere ants whom they would gladly step over for their personal missions.

Donald Trump do not need to commit any more corruption, for he has already the riches one could only dream of.

Governance needs intelligence and common sense, and a man like Trump who built his own empire from scratch can definitely make bigger of an already superpower empire.

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Lex889 days ago

neither of the both

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starparticle867 days ago

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