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Make your fb account safer Reward $4
Created by samadahri, 907 days ago, 887 views

If you want to you must make your password harder. to make your password harder use this is method use UPPERCASE(ABC), LOWERASE(abc), NUMBERS(123), SPECIAL CHARACTERS(@#$.).
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Elderwand8907 days ago

Use all of the ones above and make it long (10-15 digits). Also, try to not include common words like password, etc. If you want to have a word that you can remember, use a unique word that only means something to you, such as gorilla or coconuts.

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samadahri907 days ago

you are right brother . i have to copy your reply and append my question. thanks

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pustoi11907 days ago

important to make unique. for example, to take two words and write each letter through. for example, a cat, and fat. will, cFaAtT.
as can be done with any words that you remember.
everything else just gives more options.
but, most importantly, do not forget your password! therefore, the words should be simple and important.

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Aravi907 days ago

Hi @samadahri
Their is simple steps to secure you fb account.

1) User a password with combination of special character + upper and lower case + numbers.

2) Make 10-15 digits password. As it is more difficult to detect during Brutal force attack.

3) Never use your personal information like DOB / name / part of name /surname/ mobile number/ car number.

4) If you use words like coconuts / gorilla keep a spelling mistake. It will save you from dictionary attack.

5) Change your password at-least once in 3 month.

6) Never use subsequent letter in keyboard like asdf / 12345 / qwerty /zxcvb. These are the password which leaks very soon.


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lordwolfe907 days ago

Considering that making your password stronger doesn't always protect your account from being hacked. The best way to prevent getting hacked is not clicking on any links that is shared in your inbox, comments and wall posts. Be careful who you add as well, in most cases it is a fake profile that will attempt to hack your account in which only takes three steps for the hacker to go through. So always pay attention to the people you add as friends and be careful of phishing messages as well. If you really want to be secured, setup a sign in approval, using email and cell phone. This way no one can access your account without confirmation.

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CoolCat907 days ago

@samadahri and what was the question? :)

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PhoenixCoyote900 days ago

Use keepass for your passwords. It's totally free, and available on all major platforms. It has many addons, and the password generating capabilities are excellent and quite versatile. I've been using it for years without problem.

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SetupComputer898 days ago

Thanks for the tip!

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