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Why was Spandau prison kept open just to house Rudolph Hess? Reward $25
Created by theingredient, 1592 days ago, 1348 views

Hess was captured before Hitler really got crazy, so why was he punished more then every single Nazi not hung. Spandau cost hundreds of millions a year to keep open for the ten he was the only prisoner. What did he know?
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ralphfurgason1592 days ago

Hess was incarcerated as a war criminal after parachuting into Scotland and declaring he had come to negotiate a peace with Britain to form an alliance against the Soviet Union. He was later killed by two British assassins to "preserve wartime secrets," It is alleged in the articles written about him that it was feared that he might reveal secret information of a plot to overthrow the Churchill government.
There is nothing to suggest that this was the reason he was killed, nor was it clearly clarified whether or not it was actually Hess that the agents killed in the prison that day. Some believed that it was an imposter planted by the Germans in 1941.
So there you go. Hess was murdered to prevent him from spilling military secrets, but it did not clarify specifically what those secrets were.

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pustoi111592 days ago

In 1986, the Soviet government for the first time for all time of the conclusion of the Hess considered the possibility of his release on humanitarian grounds. In the fall of 1987 during the presidency of the Soviet Union in the International Spandau prison, was supposed to make a decision about his release, "showing compassion and demonstrating the new course of humanity" Gorbachev.
17 August 1987 93-year-old Hess was found dead in the gazebo in the courtyard of the prison with an electrical cord around his neck.
He left a note testamentary nature, handed his family a month later, and written on the back of a letter from home:
"Directors are requested to send it home. Written a few minutes before my death. I thank all of you, my beloved, for all the precious things that you have done for me. Freiburg Say that I am extremely sorry that since the Nuremberg trial I had to act as if I did not know it. I had no choice, because otherwise all attempts to gain freedom would have been in vain. I'm so looking forward to seeing her. I did get a photo of her and all of you. Your eldest. "
According to his son Wolf-Rudiger Hess, "analysis of the shape, style, texture and content of the letter indicates that the text was actually written by Hess, but in 1969, almost twenty years earlier, when he was due to the state of health was getting ready to of death. However, at the time the letter was not sent, it was subsequently withdrawn in advance and used to create a fake letter, which was to confirm his suicide. "
According to the official (Anglo-American) version, Hess committed suicide by asphyxiation.
Some people, including his relatives claim that he was killed, and forged a note. Supporters of the version of the murder Hess build different hypotheses as to who (UK) and why (not to become known Hess talks with Churchill during the war) would benefit from his death.

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Aravi1592 days ago

Hi @theingredient
All the Nazi who are captured during the war was tried in Nuremberg Tribunal.

Nuremberg Tribunal found all the captured prisoners of Nazi as guilty for conspiring against peace. They had been declared not guilty of crimes against humanity.

They were sentenced to life internment at Spandau Prison as per the law for conspiring against peace.

Further, Rudolph Hess kept isolated from the outside world. It was believed that he served as big source of information.

Kindly search for the key word Nuremberg Tribunal in the below link of history:


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theingredient1591 days ago


The man who apprehended him after he landed lives across the street from my parents. His name is Tom Carney. He marvels at how the same Hagganah terrorists they hunted later on, now give talks on terrorism lol, but he will not answer the question of Hess true contact or reason for flying the solo mission. He hinted that the firebombing on both side was a direct result, though. He says his generation believes loose lips sink ships.

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theingredient1591 days ago

Why did they not just hang him then? He was Hitler's second in command.

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maren1591 days ago

Maybe is answer in big treasure what Nazi captured in WW 2 and hidden on secret place.
Maybe he know where? And maybe someone excepted to hear where is gold and others goods?

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