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How do not be shy? Reward $2
Created by Elderwand8, 1593 days ago, 1335 views

In real life, I'm kind of shy, especially in group situations. To make it worse, I'm going into high school next year, and the huge seniors are intimidating. Does anyone have any advice on making friends and dealing with high school?
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Pravy1593 days ago

In short you are an introvert, just like me. I understand what your feeling because I had been through the same myself. But being shy will in no way be a demerit.
I personally feel that when your shy and timid, the ones who start a conversation with you would be genuinely interested in you. Everybody loves a extrovert and active personality but they tend to make the least honest connections.
As for your high school, let people see the real you. Don't be something other than yourself. Initially people will be skeptical, but people do come around and accept you as who you are, and that my friend makes a lasting impression.

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oricsantos1592 days ago

Man, just be yourself! You not are wanting to be different than you are. You yourself are able to realize their faults and no major concerns with this, go improving. Do not worry so much about it. Remember that it is better to walk alone than in bad company.

Are you bothered by what people think of you. That's nonsense. Take care of yourself better. Take care of your appearance, but to please yourself. Your perfume is to please you. Understood?

You must create your own path, but enjoy the good advices. Do not be shy, people should respect each other. if you make the people happy, you will be happy.

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Aravi1592 days ago

Hi @Elderwand8
Shyness is you personal character. There is no doubt that you need to change your self. This character will change when you start to interact with more people.

But you can take your own time.

Believe me high school makes no big difference between current class you know are in today. When you move to high school you have similar environment of std you are in.

So stop worrying about high school. Start to speak with more people to reduce your shyness.


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Bine4851592 days ago

Schwimme immer schön mit dem Strom - im Mittelfeld - nicht extrem gut oder schlecht - so kommt man am besten durch´s Leben. Ich bin 46 und habe es so gemacht - und v.a. genieße Dein Leben bevor Du 30 bist - danach geht es berg ab.

Meine Tochter ist in Deinem Alter - besser gesagt : 20 - hat Schule und Lehre gerade hinter sich und ich bin froh darüber ! Es ist wirklich nicht einfach im Leben. Ich bin froh, daß sie nicht in irgend einer Gang gelandet ist oder Drogen genommen oder sonst einen Quatsch gemacht hat - damit verbaut man sich nur das Leben - sehe ich an meinem Freund, der immer gegen den Strom schwimmt und nur Ärger macht.

LG Bine

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theingredient1591 days ago

Surround yourself with people who are not. Watch the behaviour of teachers and talk T.V. hosts. Don't play poor me or be an alpha and let anger out gradually do not bottle up your feelings.

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