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What coping skills can help with quitting smoking? 5
Created by lordwolfe, 877 days ago, 867 views

I have tried some but none seem to work. I have anxiety so when the withdraws kick in I panic easy and just give up. What suggestions can someone offer me that may help? I have tried candy, I have tried patches, I have tried focusing on other things besides smoking, anything and everything I can think of just doesn't help.
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Elderwand8877 days ago

If you really want to quit, then you have to eliminate the temptation completely. First, you need to throw out all the cigarettes in your house so that you can't be tempted to smoke. As for coping, ice cream and chocolate are good, though it really just depends on what you like. I find exercising to be a good distraction, so maybe take a jog around your block.

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oricsantos877 days ago

I've heard that tea of cigarette tobacco on a glass of water, whenever comes the desire to smoke, works. I did not do this test, but it seems consistent. But, a firm decision to get up in the morning and never again smoking, holding steady for a week, you will have a great chance of success. But, before starting, tell yourself, with conviction, "I will quit smoking and never again i will be returning to smoking."

It's no use, you have to have a little sacrifice. You have to endure the hassle of not smoking. The next day will be easier and so on. Courage, man!

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Pravy877 days ago

I am a smoker but I have one very definitive rule I made for myself.
That is i don't smoke whenever I feel like to. I smoke when I meet up with my common friends who smoke. That way I don't have urges to smoke.
You can try the reverse for yourself. Try it with a common friend who smokes. This will instantly reduce your cigarettes per day. And after a while when you think it's time to stop then you can as well.

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naprah875 days ago

I quit on the electronic cigarette, they really do come in handy for those panic moments and the hand to mouth motion. despite what nay sayers have to say a lot of people have quit this way. You can use a 0 nicotine flavor or the max nicotine flavor they come in all types right down to the menthol, regular & light cigarette flavor and the highest content in nicotine juice is actually less than the patch. If you decide this route make sure you go to a well trusted tobacco store in your area and they will get you started in the right direction. If you choose the nicotine you can eventually wean yourself off of it just like the patch and if you decide you like the E-Cig you can keep vaping. Nicotine in itself is not the killer from cigarettes it is all the other B.S. in them + tar. How can nicotine be good for me? and 5 Tips To Get Started With eCigs:

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