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Drinking a gallon of water per day? Reward $210
Created by naprah, 727 days ago, 922 views

My doctor said that in hot weather a gallon of water is good, I'm also trying to lose weight and he claims that this much water will keep me hydrated while flushing out fat. I have no problem drinking a gallon a day, but does the fat flushing really work with that much water?
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Aravi727 days ago

Hi @naprah
You doctor is correct about the drinking water for weight loss. Kindly find the below research article about the same:-


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ha14727 days ago


you cant lose fat by drinking water, it does help to flash toxins, water does not burn fat, there is no chemical reaction between water and fat. When drinking a gallon per day may be you will reduce food intake so you burn more what you already accumulated in your body.

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ckoch726 days ago

thanks for the article but what I got from that is really just this. If you're drinking you are not eating. Which is good for weightloss lol. if you want to lose weight low carb, no wheat will also flatten your belly. And that is what is known as clean eating also try to eat clean fish and meat "no grain fed"
"no store bought fish" "organic foods (and fruits)".

Drinking water is good for your body but don't expect to get skinny drinking water that is stupid talk.

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Drmgiver726 days ago

It is good to drink water when you are dieting yes. Drink it cold. It has zero calories, and takes calories to burn off. Therefore, you will lose fat.

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itius726 days ago

According to this article your doctor is right about drinking water.

I drink about 1 litre of water everyday (without thinking about it). It's quite helpful.

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LavenderStar726 days ago

You can overdose on water.....

It's called drowning. :)

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Aravi726 days ago

Hi @ckoch

Drinking water will help you burn fats more. Because it helps you to keep good and neutral metabolism rate. For this you have to take sufficient water.

Good and neutral metabolism rate through puts more calorie burning which help your effort for weight loss.


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MickelMalik726 days ago

there isn't relation with water and fat Your body need water to keep your healthy on right condition because the water help your immune system to do his vital job by using it in many process of protection "Cellular immunity ","Humoral immune response" like "Decomposition cellular" So No Problème !
Don't worry Ok and be happy that accelerate losing weight safely and personally i call it "Get Nice Body" not "Burn Fat"

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Aravi725 days ago

Hi @naprah
Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer.


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fin691 days ago

ну не литр , а даже до 1,5-2,0... НО если нет проблем с почками. если есть проблемс врачЪ ждет ВАС

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