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 I'm currently studying to be a graphic designer. Assignments are getting tough. Is the idea of never sleeping a good idea? -

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I'm currently studying to be a graphic designer. Assignments are getting tough. Is the idea of "never sleeping" a good idea? Reward $2
Created by mirface, 822 days ago, 1553 views

Actually this is the question
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Dbeltrante1822 days ago

Sleep is nessacery for your body to function properly. so make sure you get some

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Aravi822 days ago

Hi @mirface
It is a very bad idea bro!!! Because sleep generates a type of hormonal fluid which is very important for function of your brain. If you don't sleep your brain will slow down.

Instead, try to wake up earlier in the morning. You will be able to concentrate more due to earlier morning quietness.


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Elderwand8822 days ago

Never sleeping is a bad idea. Think about this: how are you going to pass all of the tests when you're so tired you can barely keep your head up? Getting enough sleep is proven to help you concentrate better, which in turn will result in better grades. You should try to study in the day, and if you have extra time then you can do whatever you want. But putting it off until night will often lead to you staying up later than you expected if your studying takes longer than you expected (I speak from experience).

Hope this helps! If it did, I would appreciate if you marked this as the best answer. Thanks!

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itius821 days ago

First: ready this article. "never sleep" is the worst idea ever

Second: try this article. The idea preseted here, will save you tons of time.

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nuklin821 days ago

What you need to do is to plan your day properly and include some rest. A saying asserts that planning saves you twice as much efforts during implementation. If you don't rest a little you could break down and there won't be anyone to defend your course. Your efforts will then be in vain.

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Ruyam510821 days ago

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Bine485821 days ago

Niemals ´schlafen´ im Sinne von : "Am Ball bleiben" ist gut, weil die Technik so schnell voran schreitet, daß man heutzutage kaum noch hinterher kommt - aber ´schlafen´ im Sinne von : sich Ruhe gönnen ist auch wichtig, denn nur Ausgeschlafen kann man gut arbeiten, sich konzentrieren und gute Ideen haben und umsetzen.

LG Bine

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MickelMalik821 days ago

Of course Not ! this is the bad Idea i've ever heard.It cause mentally ill ! and wakens your mental capacity So forget it !

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lordwolfe818 days ago

Everyone is right, it is a bad idea, and it does cause issues with your brain. Never sleeping even when you are studying for a test can hurt your thinking process, you could spend days without sleep studying for a major test but when that day comes, you most likely would fail or score lower than what you are use too because your brain would be so worn out that it would literally crash on you, and most likely would put you in a coma.

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thierry815 days ago

If you have no time to sleep, there is a way to do with.
First you must to go to bed before midnight. You have a better sleep. Why ? I don't know but I experienced it.
Before to sleep, do a relaxation method. When your body is entirely relax, your brain too, you fall asleep well and just 3 or 4 hours is sufficient.
You'll wake up without alarm clock.
Then during the day, when you feel tired, take a nap. Apply the same method but don't go into deep sleep. 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient.
I leaved that way for 10 years and i worked 15 hours a day. But there is a time limit if this is not your biological rhythm.

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lightnagumai814 days ago

The idea of never sleeping is terrible for two reason that you should know.
1. Tirelessness can effect you out put as a student and when it comes to graphic design or and higher level class it's a competition to see who can do the best.
2. The brain is fascinating since it does it's most important job while we sleep. During sleep all most know is that the eyes mover during Rem and that's all most know, but the body does more. While sleeping the brain takes all you've encountered and learned in order to retain it so it can be used more precisely when needed.

So in my opinion I proclaim you work out your time management. Plan specific parts of the day when you feel most enthusiastic and awake. Do your work then. I've come to realize people do work faster and more efficiently. I hope this helps

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MpandA814 days ago

Hard work pays off miss, don't forget that you won't be doing this whole "never sleep" all your life.. only throughout college and it's completely normal. nocturnals represent ;)

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alienflyer814 days ago

Never sleeping is insane, I love to sleep and naps are good too. So take 'em . .

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Atirudra803 days ago

never suffering is the idea

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