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How to become rich from poor? Reward $3
Created by ellie, 1730 days ago, 2307 views

How to become rich from poor?
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musemCcain1729 days ago

To work Hard and intelligent; there is no other way, except winning the lottery :) haha And for that you need a Miracle kind of luck :D
good luck.

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naprah1729 days ago

Work for the Government!

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Elderwand81729 days ago

A way many people have become really, really rich is starting your own business. You have to create a product or service that is one of a kind and needed. If you have a product like that, present it to investors, who will give you some money in exchange for a small part of your company. With that money, you can create a website and get your product into stores, which will make you money.

If you aren't sure if you can become rich doing this, look at all the rich people who have started their own business. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, even (though I regret mentioning his name) Donald Trump have all became rich after starting a business.

Hope you found this helpful! If you did, I would appreciate if you would mark this as the best answer. Thanks!

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MAKEROFMONY21729 days ago

you can become rich from poor if you work hard

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Aravi1729 days ago

Hi @ellie
Write a book and release on the topic "How To Become Rich From Poor?". Because, sorry I am too searching for the answer. I will be interested in buying that book.

I am saying the above word, not to be offensive, but few men next to my street made some money in the same way.


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oricsantos1729 days ago

Providing opportunities for access to the study, the appropriate guidance, specific training, real job opportunities to develop experience and encourage optimism and determination.

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Rik4451729 days ago

1) For first you must really want to become rich, should not be a simple dream, it have to become an obsession, a positive obsession, you have to be sure to reach the goal of 110% not 100%. If only for a moment do not believe more in your quest, you will never become rich because must become your creed.

2) There are a billion ways to get rich, it is important to choose the right one, because there will not be time to choose other ways in case of failure, the time passes.

How do you choose the right one? You have to look where others do not see, you must see farther than all, for this you have to think much, be calm, and think of choosing the winning path.

3) Keep away negative thoughts and false superstition, that things take away your goal and they bring you to the utter ruin. Think Positive, ever.

4) The poor see only one way the rich will see a thousand.

5) You will meet many people who will try to ruin your goal, these people will tell you that in life there are no dreams, no beautiful things, and they'll tell you that you have to work for a living, these people should be removed of your life because they risk of infecting your positivity with their negativity, not believe a word of what they say, the truth is that in life you can become what you want, they did not succeed, because in their lives they have not seen a thousand roads, they view only one.

6) When you have nothing in life you see everything more difficult, feel all better than you and you feel just a poor human being like everyone, do you know why? Because if not having experienced the real side of the life you convince yourself that the real quality of life is what you live full of difficulties, no you never imagine in the role of a manager, or a rich man, do not you'd never manage an entire enterprise, why? because as long as you live the life of a common man you do not feel up to assume the role of a rich, the good news is that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING can become what he wants, because once you enter you in a sector, is beginning to assume the right attitude, to understand how things work, YOU FEEL LIVE UP TO ALL, basic example:

When we are children we go to school we are not able to read right? if we imagine at that time, that once when finished primary school we are waiting for us in high school we feel powerless to everything, because we imagine the high school as something insurmountable, the truth is that once you have finished primary school and started high school this obstacle no longer exists, why? because attending our school path we have taken the right knowledge to cope without problems high school.

It's clear?

Well, these are only the most important advice you need to get rich, if you have been of help please to reward me as best answer, and remember:

The poor see only one way the rich will see a thousand.


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arkap1729 days ago

Use your talent and pray for luck

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pustoi111729 days ago

to begin with, it was necessary to provide, for the answer to this question is $ 1, rather than $ 3.)

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Bine4851728 days ago

ich will ja nicht reich werden, aber wenigstens etwas Geld zum Schuldenausgleich und ordentlichem Leben haben !
Es ist Mist immer an der Armutsgrenze dahin zu vegitieren.
LG Bine

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nuklin1728 days ago

Start by being humble to do a decent job without shame. If you are poor you have no money but you are healthy so offer service to people like doing laundry, removing refuse dumps for people or teaching people's kids elementary subjects that you are good at. As you do this, you make small money and start saving for a company of your own where you can now invest in mega projects. Good luck.

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ayoub171728 days ago

working hard + intellegence

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braz681728 days ago

You become what you believe is. Be focused on your goal. The law of attraction exists: Banks often, paste on the wall of your room images of all that wealth can provide. Good luck!

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theingredient1727 days ago

Save money. Capitalism becomes cleptocracy when the average citizen considers debt more valuable than fiat currency. Always look for the best deal and do not buy impulse items. Teach your children critical thinking and to be frugal but look for quality at a good price. Buy stock to keep like a retirement plan and never look for the quick buck. Donald Trump has been bankrupt multiple times but the system buys into his name and his dad was a successful New York slumlord. Inheritance or a guy that builds Napster, then makes the money a decade later off Spotify. Be born rich,or hack the system.

God bless.


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pearl1727 days ago

work hard,have focuss and be determined

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badabumchacha1726 days ago

buy money

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badabumchacha1726 days ago

just listen to romney

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Chryso1726 days ago

Register with a Multi-Level Marketing Network like this one: then donate $40 to the charity organisation, then explain to friends and family to donate. You do not need to buy or sell any products. Their Compensation plans includes a HP Laptop + $1000, a Brand new Hyundai ix25 + $3000, and so on

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bazza34341725 days ago

The best way to start is what I was introduced to in my early years and it did not make any difference if you were making $1 per hour of $50 per hour, the same principals apply - Nick down to tour local book store and purchase 2 books - One called "the richest man in Babylon - The secrets of how to make money and the other one is called :Rich Dad poor Dad - you will keep these books for the rest of your life and start you on the right path. It worked for me as when I started I had virtual nothing and within 18 months, put down my first deposit on a block of land. It will be interesting to hear back from you in 12 months as to your success.

Barry R

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bazza34341725 days ago

what happens if you cant get the job of your choice and the one you have studied for most of your life?

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distinctagency1725 days ago

Hello, becoming rich from poor is a versatile step with a very simple hard solution. All we need in what ever aspect is (Determination+Persistence-Givingup)= Success in what ever we have plans on.

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ljniannic1724 days ago

If want to be rich. First of all we need change our mindset.

We must have a very good positive thinking to attract the good things. Power of attraction.

When we can attract the good things, then we must believe ourself that we can achieve. Power of believe.

When we can achieve both mean that we can success in one day.

So everything depends on mindset to help everybody be richer.

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lechihuy1722 days ago

Accustomed to many rich friends , you will have the opportunity riches

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PhoenixCoyote1722 days ago

Start your own cell phone app development business. App developers also get paid large sums of money. Try using etc as your foundation.

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arjay1722 days ago



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Bigestacc1722 days ago

Hi there.

your question is a question that I think every one wanna ask too.
acording to me, if we wanna rich, the best way is do work harder, and have a good plan of money.

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FaisalAl1722 days ago

To do what you can as long as you can but for me the contentment is an inexhaustible treasure. This is a real treasure.

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brendaniel1711 days ago


Firstly you need to understand what it means to be rich

1. Money doesn't make a man rich

2. A poor man is poor not because of what he has or what he doesn't have, same goes to a rich man

3. wealth and riches are attributes of success

4. What you do with every single penny you get matters a lot, where you spend it and how you spend it

5. Personal development, changing your mindset about life, see possibilities, believe in yourself, believe in your dreams

6. At every stage of your life and every place you find yourself find a need & meet it, don't work for money, a poor man works for money, while a rich man works for his dream, look at bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, steve jobs etc, they all have one thing in common, they worked for their dreams, once you achieve success, money and every other thing follows, though this varies at different levels of success

7. All the billionaires of this world were rich even before they started making money, they understood one thing called SUCCESS, and money came running after them.

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Bine4851711 days ago

spiele Cinderella !

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olja2255881711 days ago

You should really want it, start to work hard, learn something what is popular for today. Make a plan for a whole year and follow your dream. Btw you can try to become developer. Good developer = good money. Have a nice day and may the force be with you! ;)

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Bine4851708 days ago

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CM1707 days ago

Learn to be a dreamer with action. It take guts to be a rich one. But its much better to be a rich with a Heart also. :) Make those poor to be your inspiration to aim high. Aim High with a purpose and not for your self. And everything be yours. Cheer Up!

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ready1706 days ago

hi @ellie
If you want to rich. the best way is work hard and save money first.

Choose me as the best answer

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M.Basel.S1706 days ago

great idea + great Investor = successful business

successful business means a lot of money

and you just have to use your brain to find the effective idea then look for Investor

and remember ... the most amazing ideas are which service Humanitarian needs
wish best luck for you ♥

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shahariar0231706 days ago

To be rich first of all have to wish to do hard work and confident . If the ways of the work is hard and if there have any shortcut way don't flow that , because there are no short way to be rich .

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loulouanita1706 days ago

well the hard work is not the only way to became rich from poor you should work and work and search for solution and the important thing to be patient and never give up with this keys you will succeed in every thing you do

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khaledmus1706 days ago

firstable depend on allah in what you want to do and second think well in what you want to do and finnally do more efforts seeking to get success and leave sleeping,these are my advices.

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