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What is your motto in life? Reward $2
Created by alvindgreat, 1594 days ago, 2744 views

What is your motto in life?
How does it influence your personality?
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brainless_sometimes1594 days ago


It makes you humble. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can lead to a path of greater success because you capitalize on your strengths and allows you to address your weaknesses.

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lordwolfe1593 days ago

Always live life to it's fullest, never worry about tomorrow, forget the past and focus on the now! Take control of your own life, for only you have the power to change your own destiny.

I am more successful this way, I never let life experiences bring me down. If I would worry about what will happen tomorrow, I would miss out on living in the now. By taking control of my own life, I am creating a new direction, I am filled with courage and confidence. I become the lord of my own creation!

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cochiguero1593 days ago

Enjoy now, pay later

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Aravi1593 days ago

Hi @alvindgreat
Noting much, become expert in my dream job and earn good via the same. Earn money from my smart work and hard work in straight forward manner.


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Rik4451593 days ago

The poor see only one way the rich will see a thousand.

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Stoneheart1593 days ago

Be kind.

That's the only thing that really matters, when you're dead you'll be gone forever, and we're all sharing the joys and pains of this world. So the only and best thing we can do for each other is to be kind.

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theingredient1593 days ago

The Delphic oracle never failed me. I like "when an oath is sworn, mischief is neigh."

My other mantra is that a win or loss is the same impostor.

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pustoi111592 days ago

if very briefly. I think first, and then do it.

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Bine4851592 days ago

Lebe jeden Tag, als ob es Dein Letzter wäre ---

Jeden Tag eine gute Tat ---

Wie es in den Wald reinschallt, kommt es auch zurück ---

Gib Dein letztes Hemd für denjenigen, den Du liebst ---

Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer man tut es ---

Vergib Deinem Nächsten ---

Die 10 Gebote (aber nicht übertrieben, immer im Rahmen !) ---

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CoolCat1592 days ago

The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those that got there first.

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wargresh1592 days ago

"It could ALWAYS be worse"

This single sentence has been the most powerful influence in my life. If I'm ever having a hard day or hear some bad news I just reiterate that one statement in my head and immediately my problem doesn't seem so big anymore. It has humbled me a lot and allowed me to stand back and realize that sometimes my problems are very small.

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koffimawudeku1591 days ago

Never give up!

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Yuri1591 days ago

"With Christ I will overcome all obstacles." This motto gives me confidence.

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Jeffnaija1591 days ago

Keep moving no matter what life offers.

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pustoi111591 days ago

not to do anything extra! as well as the exclamation mark is not needed in the previous sentence, so do not always work. on my life, it affects well, has not achieved much, but what made me enough.

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thelivewire1589 days ago

Hi @alvindgreat My motto in life is simple: I'd rather starve and die than work for free.
As we follow excellence in our profession, it is of note that we also demand what we deserve. We are in a practical world so we better think practically. It is said money is the root of all evil, but it is wrong. The love of money is the root of all evil. Don't be mistaken by that. How can we feed our family if we will bargain our service? Anyways, that is just for me.
Hope it helps.
Cheers and a high five!

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gina44481589 days ago

my motto in life is live life to the fullest u only get one chance at it.

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SiBar01589 days ago

I don't have one, the thing is, as true + wise as many of the 'ideas' people highlight in their mottoes are, to single them out as being especially important, or notable, could mean that you're neglecting equally important aspects of life that aren't covered in your motto. If your motto extols perseverance, for example, fair enough, that's an admirable quality, but so is honesty, + ......
"Don't listen to a word, people who don't have mottoes, say. Chances are, they don't know what they're talking about?!?!"

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distinctagency1588 days ago

My motto in life is "The secret key to unlimited achievement is by maximizing your primary potential in the absence of fear and personal doubt of doing mistake or failing because I believe when life predicament influence us to question our instinct, even to the deepest and highest hierarchy of our understanding, we might not understand how to get it done right or what life is all about until mistakes teaches us."

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igor1588 days ago

The worse, the better!

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airyl1587 days ago

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight...(proverbs 3:5-6)..
its becoming a lifestyle if you are a christian

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MpandA1585 days ago

I've written this moto below for my happiness I strive to find on my journey. Enjoy.

— A Journey To Happiness —

“I am the master of my own destiny

I am the gatekeeper to my own happiness

I am solely responsible for the choices that I make

I will not place blame on anyone when things don’t go my way

This is my life and mine alone, my each and every action, determines each and every reaction

I will always move forward with each and every day

I refuse to let the past haunt me in the present

I will not fear the unknown

I will be grateful for what I have and I will not dwell on what I don’t have

I will learn from my mistakes and refuse to travel down the pathway already travelled before.

I will not look down on other people for they too are on their own journey

I will learn to find peace with myself

I will remember that for all my problems there are millions more suffering more than me

I refuse to say “never” or “I can’t”

I will work hard to achieve my goals

I will not build barriers to prevent me from moving forward

There is nothing that can stand in my way

For every moment, in each and every day

This life, this moment is mine so I refuse to let it slip away.”

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arjay1583 days ago



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starparticle1583 days ago

"Life's a Banquet and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death" - Auntie Mame

Take each day as it is and in our personal growth we should strive to learn something everyday, to open a new door every day and see the world with an open mind...this way we become more compassionate, more understanding, and more at peace with ourselves AND OTHERS.

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Peel1581 days ago

"The best is yet to come".
You always have to keep going ahead. Always.

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Braznoff1581 days ago

My Motto in life is: Do no harm, but take no shit.

in other words don't hurt others or any thing else, while protecting yourself.

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Mazinho1580 days ago

Meu Lema é 'viver em paz".

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magentadeb1580 days ago


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xiaoin21579 days ago

I love 本来无一物,何处惹尘埃。 EN- As there is nothing from the first, where does the dust collect itself.

I can forgive most thing.

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katzwhite1578 days ago

well, here goes...every1 has heard the motto "i'd rather be pissed off than pissed on..well..mines a little different because my motto is.."piss on me cause i'm so sick and tired of being pissed there you have it..piss on me..kat

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ignatoleg1578 days ago

Once risking can stay happy for life..

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Atirudra1574 days ago

enjoy everything you can , avoid everything you dont like , except all what you cant avoid

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Ayaz1527 days ago

Live and Let Live

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