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Created by SirSli, 825 days ago, 972 views

How do you feel when someone you trust lied against you pointblank?
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Aravi825 days ago

Hi @SirSli
That will make me feel very bad. But we can ensure that it won't happen back, if we find the reason.


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Elderwand8825 days ago

Then I wouldn't trust that person anymore.

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LavenderStar824 days ago

I would feel hurt; deeply.
I personally do not lie. I teach my children that when you lie, you must come up with bigger and better ones to keep the lie going. It hurts people and it hurts you. Of you feel you must lie.. walk away or state that you can't talk about it.
If I trust someone; they know this about me. If I trust someone; it means that we re friends. If I trust someone; it means that I expect and give honesty. So again... I would feel hurt; deeply. Not because of the lie as much as the fact, that I would then understand that we are not truly friends.

I'm sorry for your hurt! Good luck to you.

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ylbrick823 days ago

1. Confront them and ask them exactly why they lied; pin them down (verbally). Did they lie to spare your feelings or to pull something over on you? Motive is important! Remember, most decent people lie, Easter bunny, Santa Claus, to make others feel good. "Does this dress make me look fat?" If you tell the truth (if you are fat it shows no matter what you wear) you are asking for more trouble than a simple lie to spare someone's feelings.
2. Once you are sure they have truthfully explained why they lied - determine motive.
3. If the motive is bad or they won't explain, cut them off entirely, pray for them and forgive them (forgive does not mean forget what they did and suddenly trust them again!) - they have to live as a liar, not you
4. Do not spread the word they are a liar! If asked, reply that you will not comment and make your own decision about that person. They will continue to build their own reputation.

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nuklin823 days ago

I will be happy for the revelation because I have just been saved from greater disappointments that would have resulted from my entrusting more to such a person.

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SheBomb817 days ago

Lose my trust and respect and learn never to trust them again

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