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Is Nexus 5x worth buying? Reward $3
Created by heaven, 878 days ago, 1100 views

I am looking for a new phone. What about Nexus 5x?
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musemCcain878 days ago

it s a great phone. espacially runing pure android. and akways gets os update
the specs are great and the look also.

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pustoi11878 days ago

the phone is not bad, but for this price you can find better.

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Pravy878 days ago

Every nexus device is worth buying in my experience. I had used Nexus 4 for 3 yrs without any hitch.
Don't listen to guys who boast about specs. There's something in Nexus devices that's above the rest. Awesome first Android update, Unlimited amount of custom rooms, easy and cheap parts for phone. Lots of accessories. Etc etc to name a few.

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Aravi877 days ago

Hi @heaven
Their are 2 phones at present are good, Google Nexus 5X vs LG G4.

LG G4 is more good then Google Nexus 5X. I am planing to buy LG G4 next.

The main reason is I am using LG products more then 15 years. I had no issue with it, also their after sales services are good.



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