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What is your favorite thing about America? Reward $2
Created by shawn, 852 days ago, 1257 views

What is your favorite thing about America?
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zukgod852 days ago

Freedom, although it's going away very rapidly. If Hillary is elected you can expect to see our country change very dramatically for the worse IMO. I have lived in this great nation my entire 40 years and have been all over the world, there is no place better if you enjoy freedom to do as you please. But many places have given up those freedoms for a little false security, and by doing so don't deserve them. If you don't live here or haven't been, I highly recommend it it's a very safe country, don't watch the news all they show are the negatives. By and large it's one of the safest places I have ever been. Get out of the cities and see the great nation that is out on the open road, it's one of the most beautiful places I have ever been as well, and the beauty is very diverse. In parts of the country you can be on the coast and in 2 hours or less be in the mountains. I like the west coast the most, but everyplace has it's own charms. We welcome everyone, just come in the right way and don't try and change us to the place you came from, we are fine the way we are or were.

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charlielan852 days ago

There are more economic opportunities. And many beautiful national parks.

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ralphfurgason852 days ago

@shawn Waiting to see criminal Hillary crash in a ball of flames and be seen no more!

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Muzammil852 days ago

Microsoft Inc.

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musemCcain852 days ago

The style.

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Elderwand8852 days ago

All the freedom. Freedom of speech, religion, elect leaders, etc. It's very safe compared to most countries, too.

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nuklin852 days ago

Joe's, Wegmans and Publix, and Wal-Mart. A land of unlimited Opportunities, only stay out of trouble.

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Aravi852 days ago

Hi @shawn
First, it is Uncle Sam themselves, then religious freedom, oldest democracy in the world, their participation in the international peace and human rights, technology leadership (if world runs in 5G tech their works with 6G tech). This list never ends.


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Geronimo844 days ago


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khaledmus818 days ago

the many opportunities.


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