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Created by beatrix, 821 days ago, 970 views

Can someone give me any tips for a job interview? Thanks
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thelivewire821 days ago

Hi @beatrix
I suggest you be true yourself. Be yourself. Remember that the interviewer is more talented and smarter than you are. They have interviewed a lot of people, observed a lot of applicants and meeting different personalities every day. So; the more chances is that they will definitely know once you are lying to yourself and to them.
Don't get trapped to challenging questions that may put you in a tight spot. Be prepared and have a background check of the company you are about to enter. As cliche' say; don't go to a war unarmed.
Preparation is key.


Hope it helps.

Cheers and a high five.

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itius821 days ago

1. First impressions count
2. Be prepared
3. Don’t waffle
4. Why should they hire you?
5. Be positive
6. Remember your body language
7. Expect the unexpected
8. Develop rapport
9. Clarify anything you are unsure of
10. Remember your manners

You can find full text at

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Aravi821 days ago

Hi @beatrix
Their are many point that a interviewer notes, but the first thing is about you and your first impression:-

1) Always dress formal and average or good looking cloths.

2) Don't eat chewing gums/ smoke in office area.

3) Use medium perfume with pleasant smell.

4) Never and ever argue with your interviewer. Many person will try to trigger your anger to check your level of patients.

5) Keep yourself confidence but avoid over confident.

6) For a first job, never argue discuss package. Say you are convenient with any package if you are a fresher.

7) Never reach a interview later nor too earlier.

8) Ask for permission before entering a interview room.

9) Don't express fear in front of interviewer.

10) Never say second opinion, say ok or you are correct, if a interviewer is a female.

11) Take details and history about the company and your job nature.

12) Never attend a interview, with nervousness.

14) Try to speak in medium tone and pitch. Try to speak clear.

15) Take care of your body language and sign.

16) Be positive.

17) Even, you got rejected, always say tanks for the chance of interview. Keep good manners.

18) If you attend a interview, Beware of 1 more technique followed by many companies. They make you wait for many hours to check your job dependency. Because, in last interview I attended, made me wait for 5 hours for consequent 2 days. In previous job in a cooperate office, they made me wait for 6 hours for consequent 3 days. Some offices intentionally reject candidate and ask to apply back to check your job dependency too.


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Elderwand8821 days ago

1. Smile when you talk
2. Always make eye contact with the person interviewing you
3. Don't lie, but a little bit of exaggeration is ok
4. Come up with several of your strengths that you want to mention when answering a question
5. Ask questions yourself because it makes you seem interested in the job
6. Prepare responses for common interview questions
7. Be early; if you are late then you will appear irresponsible
8. Mentally convince yourself why you are best for the job; it will help prepare you

Hope I helped!
Source: My own interviews

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nuklin821 days ago

1. Investigate the company for the position, salary structure, job description, area of expertise, style of management if you can. Let them know you came earlier to have a feel of the company when you were invited(this shows interest and carries some marks).
2. Read about your possible role(s) on the job.
3. Dress decently.
4. If asked how much you expect, answer "If I am not ok with your offer, I will let you know." If your employer insists, give a figure very close to your investigations but not above.
5. If asked how you can make the company grow answer " by reducing cost, investigating and utilizing efficient and cost effective means, using good IT skills, lending assistance to other staff and departments where and when necessary and so on .."
6. If asked what kind of aanimal you would be if you were one, say " a lion cos its confident and strong and can wthstand harsh situations"
7. If asked what you'd take to the desert aside food and water, say " a cell phone with GPS, a gun with endless bullets and a blanket.
8. be confident and relaxed because you have what they need otherwise, you would not have been shortlisted.
9. Show enthausiasm for the job, eventhough its yours, you need to show you really want it by being keen at getting it right and acting it out as if its your personal business and you want results.
10. Pray for goodluck and GOD's will. Goodluck!

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Reactor820 days ago


First and foremost, before you go into an interview RESEARCH, research, research. I have conducted many interviews where the interviewee knew virtually nothing about our organization. If they don't care enough to do this, they won't car enough to perform on the job. So...

1. Research the organization, the position and, if possible, learn who is going to interview you. You have to make your self stand out from the crowd and be noticed. So be knowledgeable and be prepared.

2. First impressions are lasting.

So walk into the room confidently, look your interview in the eye, smile, and put your hand out for a handshake. Whether the interviewer is male or female a handshake is considered appropriate. Give a firm handshake. Make sure your hand is not sweaty!! Don't shake like a limp fish. But don't try to break the bones in their hand. A firm handshake accompanied by a smile and look in the eye of your interview says much about you.
Call your interviewer by his or her name. When they give you their name, for example, "Welcome, I'm John Smith. CEO" say somethings such as ,"So nice to met you, Mr. Smith." or "A pleasure meeting you, Mr. Smith."

If you have done your research and found that your interviewer has a doctorate, or other title. Call them by their title, even if they didn't introduce themselves that way. Trust me, this will make you stand out from they crowd and show them you cared enough to find out they had a title. People work hard to get titles and its music to their ears to hear people use them.

For instance, if your interviewer says, "Hello, I am Janet Smith." and you reply, "So nice to met you Doctor Smith." they will be quite impressed with you right out of the gate. If they then say,
"Oh, call me, Janet." Then it's fine to call them by their first name. Otherwise, do not do this as it shows a lack of respect.

If you are in a group interview, most likely each interviewer will give their name. Remember them! And make the effort shake each ones hand individually, and say their name back to them as mentioned above.. Even if this takes a few extra moments. It will leave a very lasting positive impression.

Look each person in the eyes and you shake their hand, and as you speak with them.

Take a seat only after the interviewer has asked you to.

3. Group meetings take on a little extra dynamic. If being interview in a group setting, it is important that you frequently look around the interviewing table and make eye contact with each individual as you answer questions.
As you near the end of your answer, make sure you look back at the individual who asked you and finish the response looking at them.

4. Above all be honest. Someone said exaggerate. Absolutely no. Be honest and be yourself or it may come back to haunt you. With that being said, highlight the things you have done in your previous career, or jobs, that you feel are accomplishments. NEVER condemn or denigrate a previous employer. Be positive, frequently smile and nod your head occasionally as you are being asked something. This shows you are a good listener.

5. Give specific situations, from your last positions or life experience, that show your abilities.
It's best to talk in specifics and not generalities. During interviews, I loved hearing about specific incidents and situations that the interviewee had been in. It shows me how they think and react. Give examples that highlight your abilities and relate to how you would perform in the position you are applying for.

6. As far as dress. Show you care enough about the position to come in dressed professionally. I have interviewed people who look as if they should be out mowing their grass, not at a professional interview. You would also be surprised how many people have bad breath. Brush your teeth well and use a mouthwash. It's best not to be sucking on a mint or chewing gum during the interview as it is distracting to the interviewer.

7. Don't bring up salary, unless they do. Don't give them the impression that money is your main interest, but show them your main interest is in performing better than anyone else in the position.

7. After the interview, shake the interviewer's hand and thank them for interviewing you and make sure, once again, you use their name. If it was a group interview, shake the hand and thank each interviewer in the room, and use their name.


Be prepared for things you may be asked. Always answer honestly, but try to use a positive slant. Things to be prepared to be asked:

"Why did you leave your last position?"

"What are your best qualities?"

"What are your worst qualities."

"Where do you see yourself down the road ten years from now?"

"How do you deal with unpleasant clients?" (or they might say co-workers, customers or people, etc.)

"Do you think outside the box? If so, give an example from your previous position."

"What qualities do you have that set you apart from others?"

I wish you well in your job pursuits and interviews!!!

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amschuppel820 days ago

Along with all the other listed things, be passionate and genuine.

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beatrix819 days ago

Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

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thelivewire819 days ago

Thanks @beatrix.

Hopefully you did well.
High five!

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