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Why Android devices slow down over time? Reward $3
Created by larry2, 1728 days ago, 1855 views

Why Android devices slow down over time? How to fix it?
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pustoi111728 days ago

is less than the memory on the device, the harder it is to operate processor. install for Android: -
and remove unwanted programs.

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ha141728 days ago


well if your device is old and you received updates they may not be suitable for your device. Maybe you want to install a custom ROM like CyanogenMod

another reason for slowing android is the Background process, maybe installed more applications that your ram can support. Some applications are set to startup and run in the background, consuming CPU resources and RAM.


you can try to clean android from temp files
All-In-One Toolbox

Clean Master

Norton Clean, Junk Removal


May be it is time to factory reset your android device, in this case do backup your files because they will be erased.

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nashnosh1728 days ago

download this app 360 total security from play market!i use it and its helps!

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itius1728 days ago

Because they are getting more complex and heavier. All you need to do is find some alternative.

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Aravi1728 days ago

Hi @larry2
It is because of unwanted software, tracking cookies and junk files left by app.

Try Wise Fastimizer + Avast free antivirus. It will solve the problem.

Kindly find the below Google store link.


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JDThomas311728 days ago

Because we overload them with data, games, and photos and never delete the unused or unnecessary apps. DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!

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nihal291728 days ago

hi @larry2 , just watch this video you will be satisfied =


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musemCcain1727 days ago

planned obsolescence

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eustaquio2000a1727 days ago

Applications unused, invalid files and other waste.

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alla1721 days ago

we are all suffering from this problem it happend because your device is to week (Poor possibilities
RAM -CPU ..... ) or you have alote of apps and files

I advice you to :

1- delet all apps that you don t need and disable also system apps that you dont need
2-watch this :

3- restart your phone

if these didn t work than format it and if it stell slow flash it if the problem did nt go than buy anew one with hight possibilities
RAM -CPU ..... )

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airyl1720 days ago

do not update your applications especially your will take so much of your space...

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agung1711720 days ago

karena androidmu kebanyakan aplikasi atau game yang masih terbuka dan masih berjalan di RAM, untuk mengatasinya lakukan dengan membersikanya dengan aplikasi "wisecleaner"

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Jb19911720 days ago

you might used heavy apps over time, too much bloatware that took up space on your phone and too many background processes.
try to uninstall unnecessary applications, avoid too much live wall papers and try not to update your OS when your phone is too old for the system, lastly reset your phone. :) thanks

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Ravindra_21714 days ago

Because of low RAM junk cache file and need update to the phone.

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kinzy20041712 days ago

for many reasons :
1- the internal space is getting smaller you keep install too many apps
( solution : buy external sd card and move apps to it/ uninstall updates to those apps you don't use and not important)
2- phone battery got too old and not giving the correct voltage
( solution buy a new phone battery)
3- android Os became too old for the new apps in the market
(solution update Os to latest version for your phone , some phones do not update at all unfortunately you will sill be behind)
4- phone is weak with small Ram and Cpu and GPU and space.
( solution chuck it outta the window and buy a new fast one)

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jeetkml1710 days ago

Kinzy2004 answered you few reasons ,I want to add his answers_
that most important thing what is the source of apps or games, music.
Why developers develops apps games and all digital multimedia ( music , TV-shows, movies etc.)?
Answer: For money . and we got same contents from pirated sites, torrents or other sources . but question is arises again Why pirates sites provide you
same contents without 0 penny cost ?
answer : again money
They inject malwares, bloatware, adware, etc. to these contents. and these contents need more spaces to execute and more garbage memory to run. and after execute these malwares are injected with system ruins your systems performance So, where small space, ram, CPU, GPU is problem then source of app is also decrease your speed of apps.
Sometimes source programming language is also cause but that developers responsibility . but we can only avoid unknown source installation.

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deefdelic1710 days ago

your mini SD get's filled up with junk and other files.
What also could be happening if cleaning doesn't help is that the mini/SD card needs to be replaced....

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mohamad11221689 days ago

Hello my friend Believe me, all the applications that are speeding up the phone or clean it up or cooled down and the other ones are false applications and do reverse function all you have to do when you slow the devices shut open applications and clean memory RAM phone not only programs that are used go to Settings and to set the applications Choose a playlist and then close all applications as shown these pictures and you will see the extraordinary improvement in the performance of the phone

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mohamad11221689 days ago

I also advise you using only program of CM security in order to delete the virus is a wonderful program

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