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What should i do ??? :( Reward $2
Created by jammmol, 1554 days ago, 2468 views

Im 26 computer system engineer /syria/
I am having a lot of problems in my life, although I holds a graduate degree , I can not find a job , and I feel that all doors closed in my face .
What should I do .
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thelivewire1554 days ago

Hi @jammmol
As being said in my all time favorite movie, "Pursue excellence and success will chase you".

Having a degree is not a guarantee that you will have a decent job in the future, but only a key to it. What you have to do is step out of your comfort zone, choose the passion that you really enjoy and live with it.
Have you stopped breathing? I bet not. So why stop believing? Why stop chasing your dreams and pursuing excellence in your chosen field?
What I am trying to tell you is patience is a virtue, don't give up and just try and try until you finally succeeded; of course with the notion that you do everything right and proper.
Don't feel like every door is closed for you. Dont pity your self. Everyone has their problems to face and conquer, stand up and face yours with great triumph because at the end of the day; success is all we want. A decent job will follow if you first learn to face and conquer your problems in life. I can see that you are so stressed-out with all the problems that come your way; so why not focus on the interview and job-hunting first rather than focusing on the problems that stresses you out?

Good luck and high spirits. May you find and meet your life's dreams that you really deserved.

Cheers and a high five!

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Aravi1554 days ago

Hi @jammmol
Finding first job in IT Is more difficult. In computer science sector is the most difficult. I am too a fresher. I just manage to get a small job that too after 34 interview.

So never stop trying. Don't slow down. Try for small job then try to switch for big one. If you have time try some special course of your field. Try job in that base.

Because, what I found is no one ready to higher fresher. The will at least lesson you if you have some special course certificates at least.


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sally2cool1554 days ago

If it were me I would start thank God for the job he has for me. Because It always worked for me. Each time when the job ran out. God would have a better job that paid more. Start thanking God.

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SetupComputer1554 days ago

Well, the most practical tip I could give you is to not become picky in pursuing a job opportunity. My job right now is different from my specialization, but I am living a modest life. I am now pursuing a graduate degree (master's degree) in my real specialization, already have a house, and an expecting father to boot. My job, though not my specialization, allows me to live a better life. It allows me to enjoy family time and extracurricular activities (like studies).

The doors may be closed, but windows are still open. You just have to keep on trying. There are jobs everywhere, so don't lose hope.

Or, maybe you aren't the salary-man type, but a businessman-type. Maybe, try to build a startup company and start with zero cash. You can go to gofundme or kickstarter to ask for a capital.

God bless.

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WillianLucas1554 days ago

I am a new youtuber cover , of Brazil , and beginner, but soon the success arrived.

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SoftGuitar1554 days ago

Recommend you pray to Jesus Christ, even if you are a Muslim.
If you are convinced He is God... and ask Him to Help... He will.
I hope you get that job... and wish you success.

Also try looking into:

All the best my friend.

Jesse Jr.

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nuklin1553 days ago

Sell your skill. Help people buy laptops and desktops for a fee, at least you know the basic requirements for what kind of usage. Put your adverts at strategic points. Go to schools, opt to teach students computer operation, repairs, and maintenance. Offer home service. Write to companies stating your offer and how you can help them grow. Someone will find you and give you a lift. Goodluck!

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Flashwind1553 days ago

Giving advice is easy.
It's nice to Express sympathy.
The most difficult is to provide real help.
You are an expert in the field of IT and must understand that your information is incomplete. There is a lot of white spots.
1. What school you finished and when?
2. Your experience, where and when?
3. You are in Syria or elsewhere? you agree to change the place of residence?
You know that even the short summary contains a lot more questions.
If you are interested in getting a job extend the notion of the self.
Good luck to you and wellbeing!

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Qrow1553 days ago

I kinda had the same problem. I've got a degree in informatics + I'm a fully trained HR-expert, and after 10 years of university studies, I couldn't get a temp job. Then, by a lucky chance, I met a manager at Scandinavia's largest online retailer, mainly consumer electronics. He gave me a job as an IT-technician, but a few years later I had to quit, mainly because the organization management went nuts, so then I was back to zero. What I did eventually was changing career completely, and now work at a government agency in a position that has nothing to do with electronics at all, apart from reading my email...
So basically, I have two advices for you:
1 - don't give up. You never knows who you will meet tomorrow, or where that may lead.
2 - there are other opportunities in life. At your age, you can still change profession. I went from a HR specialist degree to kickass technician, in three years time I was the best tech in the corporation, and and now I wil work with government management. I'm 353 years old, changed university programmes three times and changed carees. So try to keep cool, try to keep your options open also in other fields of work.
Hope that you can somewhat make use of my story. Good luck!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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charlielan1553 days ago

There are many advice here about prayer and trusting in God, which I agree with 100%. Practically speaking, have you tried expanding your job search to international locations? Perhaps you might find some job opportunity in a different country. I was able to find work in another country when all opportunities in the US closed off. It might even be a chance for you to experience a new environment and step away from all your problems for a bit.

Good luck and God bless.

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lordwolfe1552 days ago

If you have the degree, the skills required, then I would suggest you look to go into business with yourself, become your own boss, you can make more money that way and nothing will keep you from accomplishing your dreams. Best of all you can make your own hours. Just look into starting your own business and go from there. Best of Luck to you!

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Stoneheart1552 days ago

Have you looked at remote working? There is high demand for tech people and remote working is becoming more & more common, you can find positions on websites like and - just google "remote system engineer job" or whatever job field you're skilled for, and you will find many agencies and companies hiring remotely.

NEVER sign up to an agency that you have to pay for, they're usually scams.

Keep applying for jobs, it can take a LONG and frustrating time to find a position no matter where in the world you are. These are difficult times pretty much everywhere for various reasons, so don't give up.

Good luck.

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arjay1551 days ago

Everyone has there own capacity and skills in everything.

Just always think positive and let the negative go and always remember that apply for the company where it could be suitable to your skills.

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theingredient1551 days ago


First world children with the same education live in their parents basement until 30 years old now. Just relax and let the mad men force God to sort them out. You are always blessed. Take care and know that walking to Germany is just as insane as barrel bombs now, so just stay in the basement till the economy recovers. You cannot take or owe what you need to live; it should be given to you as a human being. Alliwites are not sane, the British should never have left them in charge in the first place. They will find Bashar in the same hole in Tikrit, they dug Saddam up from one day. Or, he'll die at the hands of a 16 year old in a desert running from Chadian CIA mercenaries.

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Bine4851551 days ago

Hi, ich bin auch aus der EDV - habe aber den Anschluß verpaßt - die Technik schreitet so schnell voran, daß man immer am Ball bleiben muß - ich kann Dir nur raten, Dich immer weiter zu bilden um dann einen Job auf dem neuesten Gebiet zu ergattern - solche "Alten Eisen" wie ich, haben es schwer am Arbeitsmarkt.
LG Bine

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pustoi111550 days ago

I think you need to find the same fellow sufferers. and try to arrange their brand. over time, you can hire professionals themselves. it all starts with small things. if you are really a good specialist, you will succeed. Well, if not, look for a job is not their specialty.

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thelivewire1548 days ago

Hi @jammmol
Thanks a lot.
I hope you get what you deserved.
That dream job will be yours for the taking soon.

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thelivewire1548 days ago

What is the point in all of these? when you will never change?

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