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Do you know anyone bipolar ? Reward $2
Created by braz68, 1594 days ago, 1476 views

How do you behave?
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thelivewire1594 days ago

Hi @braz68
Of course I know someone who is bipolar.
He is my supervisor. And I got to see him almost everyday of my life being an employee. You can't explain what you gotta feel and what you gotta do everytime he hits that "red bipolar mode button" on. There were things he does that traumatizes me, makes me chills to the bone. I just try to be cool and silent as ever. I dont want to make things worse and make myself comfortable even though the trauma is unapologetic. I tried so hard to understand his situation, pity him to the point that I wanna sponsor his rehab treatment or send him to anger management seminars or something. I am very much patient and understanding of the mood swings.

However, too much is bad for everyone, and as I always say; BIPOLAR IS CONTAGIOUS. So sometimes there will come a point in our lives where we have got to think of ourselves first, what is best for us and respond to our own problems and situations than understand their bipolar disorders.
Sometimes too much love will kill you, and too much understanding hurts especially if trauma is in your side. Sometimes when I got my own problem and stressed-out and I become a victim of his mood-swing tantrums, I just want to punch him straight to the face and knock him out. Of course I wont do that.
So I did something. I quit the work and transferred to another agency. You know you got to choose your boss, not a job when considering your career. Your boss shapes you, can either make you or break you.
The one thing I can suggest to you is that try to understand the bipolar disorder of someone, but not to a point of madness. Control the things you can control. When you believe it is too much, you can stay away from it and dont let the bipolar consume you. As I said, bipolar is contagious and it might stress you out and traumatize you; like as it did to me.

Hope it helps.

Cheers and a high five!

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ckoch1594 days ago

I don't know for sure if my dad was but he showed tendencies so does my sister. You have to watch mood swings and when
they are off the wall you have to try to keep quiet they react to stimulation if you're too bossy oh brother.

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LavenderStar1594 days ago

You must be understanding. I have worked with many people with different disorders, including bi-polar. For them, it is day by day. Don't react totheir mood swings. Just makes it worse.

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Aravi1594 days ago


My cousin is bipolar. The sample way to Handel them is you should be very salient and not to react. You should always allow them to express them self fully. They will do things straight opposite to what they said few minutes back. Be ready for anything.

When they come on depression let them do fully anything that they are doing. Only stop them if they try anything really worsts.


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braz681590 days ago

Hi, @thelivewire!
Thank you for answering my question!

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thelivewire1587 days ago

Thank you so much for believing in me and choosing me as best answer. I hope you are very well informed and influenced by the experience that I had.
Cheers and a high five!

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jazz7771587 days ago

I know a man with such a diagnosis . It is a normal person . He said diagnosis put at school age , now 45 , says that is not curable . Periodically passes in-patient treatment , and are often unable to achieve remission for 5 years or more . So he lives . What is there to do? To live on, it is not a death sentence

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