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What are your thoughts about Pokemon GO? 5
Created by naprah, 1558 days ago, 1245 views

What are your thoughts about Pokémon GO
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Elderwand81557 days ago

I think it's a good game in general, but it's only fun for people who live in more urban or suburban areas. It's great that it gets people off the couch, but people in rural areas don't want to have to walk 10 miles to get to one gym. Also, it's not available for everyone, depending on their smartphone and the country they live in.

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Aravi1558 days ago

Hi @naprah
I will simply tell that Pikachu peka peka....

Happy gaming.


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ross1558 days ago

Will you buy?

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medkit1558 days ago

new and weird game i guess !!! :3

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Togekiss_40111558 days ago

The only thing I can think of is it just needs time to improve before people start getting into this app, it has many bugs still in it so that's why I am waiting for them to be fixed before I start playing it.

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pustoi111558 days ago

many do not know, but the sponsor of the game CIA! you will be a wonderful, free spy for the good of America! simply brilliant! people are afraid of surveillance, but set the program being watched ...

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bbomber231557 days ago

Lately unsafe accidents have been happening with the app

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ELahiawy1494 days ago

The game belongs to the style virtual reality games, which are run through the camera in the phone while you play, and show the user on several units screen of the famous Pokemon characters, using the GPS on your smartphone maps, the user will see the units Pokemon They roam around throughout the area surrounding the phone.

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