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Worldwide Terror by the IS Reward $510
Created by TechnoParadoxum, 1598 days ago, 1353 views

What do you think of the renewed terror in France (Nice) ?
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Aravi1598 days ago

Hi @TechnoParadoxum
I think the world should make new force under UN to end them soon. It is a heart-less, crocked and spin less attacks.

Why new force under UN? Because, the neutral countries will not take part neither with USA alliance nor with Russia alliance.

They are spreading like cockroaches all over the world.

I hope they will join the hell soon from where they came from.


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ha141598 days ago


it is inevitable, France made and accumulated many mistakes and the result is what we see and live, now if it is IS responsible then they should prove it...
Maybe a fraction in France and other countries wants a war for many reasons then we will see more actions leading to bigger casualties and finally a war.

Now Turkey is undergoing a military coup, perhaps it is linked what happened in Nice???

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old_fogey1598 days ago

ISIS is responsible; nations of the world must call to task those that espouse Islam. The Quran dignifies the slaughter of "infidels," and nations of the world must disavow their tolerance of this. The UN can and will do nothing---it is up to the western cultures to oppose this evil.

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yassinhm1598 days ago

Educational and cultural reasons.
- Social reasons.
- Economic reasons.
- Political reasons.
- psychological reasons
Terrorism and violence did not come haphazardly and did not haphazardly arises, but his reasons, we can not say for sure that there is a single reason that has led to the emergence of this thought, and I have numerous trends and schools of thought which dealt with the study of the causes of the phenomenon of terrorism, they are many and overlapping causes interacted in the long run, creating in the end thought an extremist.
But researchers in this field believe that the causes of terrorism emanating from main dimensions, namely:
The local dimension of the States, a domestic level for each state.
General dimension, which is the international level

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Elderwand81595 days ago

I thought that the attack was really cruel, especially because it was civilians who were killed and injured. Isis is a big threat, and countries like France need to increase their security. Every time a terrorist attack like this one happens, the event is put under high security. But, it's too late by then! They need to increase the security BEFORE the attack happens so that it can be prevented. And someone needs to stop Isis because they're so caught up in a twisted, cruel, and radical form of Islam to be reasoned with.

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JDThomas311595 days ago

I think it was a cowardly act!!! Anyone who targets civilians in my book are COWARDS! If you wanna go to war thats fine, but target those who choose to take up arms. Is that not what the military is for??? Stop targeting innocent people and then refer to them as COLLATERAL DAMAGE OR CASUALTIES OF WAR and call them what they are INNOCENTS.

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lordwolfe1593 days ago

A house divided is a house destined to fall, I think every country that has become IS targets should put all differences aside and unite forces to wipe Isis off the face of this Earth. With the combined fire power there is no way that Isis can win. Remember the 911 attack, how George W. Bush took action and defeated the terrorists and even went after other possible threats? I think we should do the same with Isis and all who are connected to them including their supporters.

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yassinhm1593 days ago

Even changing human behavior and learn that the man has no right to kill one person to the right and the law of the State

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oricsantos1593 days ago

I think it was facilitated because there was no proper preventive security for the size of the event.

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theingredient1592 days ago

I think these are people who would have eventually let their madness attack society. IS symbolizes a jingoist banner for the mentally ill and the foreign backed ignorant. The children of Europe once tried to march to Rome a couple of hundred years ago. It didn't work then and IS is only around, because when Americans donate 10 million dollar tanks to a former enemy, they should throw in Low jack, just in case.

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pustoi111592 days ago

but what is there to think? a small group of very rich people went to war, by the forcible imposition of their interests. and pay, as usual, ordinary people ...

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