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Created by zbiba, 858 days ago, 1282 views

Best food of the life
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yassinhm858 days ago

Unique and beguiling, Japan is a country of binaries. It straddles both the traditional and ultra-modern, and hosts buzzing cities alongside stunning natural landscapes. Its food is notoriously nutritious, with a diet based around super-fresh, seasonal products. We've picked ten dishes to seek out when visiting Japan.

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Aravi858 days ago

Hi @zbiba
Kindly trust me, not one best food, their is huge list in best foods in eatgood4life.

Start from Chicken curry and spinach with coconut lime rice.

Try this reference too cook:

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Pravy858 days ago

One cannot have a best food for life unless he has tasted everything this world has to offer. Gourmet food have a rule you know. There are some food I havn't tasted yet but I still keep it up in high regard, even of the day when I taste it and find it bad.

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BHAUMIK854 days ago

pizza is best food

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