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Who is the most accurate prophet? Reward $25
Created by pustoi11, 1560 days ago, 1973 views

Who, in your opinion,the most accurate soothsayer of the past and the future?
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Coots1560 days ago

Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet". Born in America in the late 1800s and died at the end of WW2. They have an Edgar Cayce library housing his 'readings" in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fascinating man. The best book on his life is "The Sleeping Prophet" by Jessie Stern.

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ha141560 days ago


The Nechung Oracle

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SoftGuitar1560 days ago

Saint Hildegard.. see her prophecies at:

I think you will agree.

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Drmgiver1560 days ago

Jesus Christ.

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ckoch1560 days ago

Jesus Christ does not fit into this category he is God. Soothsayer: One practicing divination, including: Fortune-telling this practice belongs to anyone associated with the devil.

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Aravi1560 days ago

Hi @pustoi11
I think its Nicolas Cage in the movie soothsayer


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Muzammil1560 days ago

The Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

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igor1560 days ago

Michel de Nostredame(1503 — 1566)-French astrologer, physician, pharmacist and alchemist, famous for his prophecies.

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pustoi111546 days ago


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airyl1546 days ago

all of the prophet in the bible are great prophet..all they say is accurate specially Isaiah...for me He is one of the most accurate prophet..

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Chienyp1546 days ago

Gieessu Kitô

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rybak1351546 days ago


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Kalenga1545 days ago

John the Baptist because he showed people the Messiah LIVE.

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SetupComputer1545 days ago

It probably is Jesus Christ, who, after 2,000 years of documented existence from a remote place in a remote town, now is the most popular and most adhered figure of all time.

Even in the Quran, Jesus was shown to be greater than Muhammad, that in the end days, Jesus, not Muhammad, will be returning to Earth.

Jesus, in the Bible, kept inspiring people from all walks of life from all corners of the world as the representative of a very refined moral teacher, with a very forgiving and a very big heart for everyone, with a very loving personality that would make an adult after 2,000 years cry and beg for His mercy and love.


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Atirudra1536 days ago

none - the future is so unpredictable , and in Universe so many factors influencing so many things , no one can predict it properly and exactly .

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fin1518 days ago

без сомнений ГИТМЕТ!!!

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