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Is Canada a good place to live? 5
Created by Gomem, 884 days ago, 1191 views

I think of moving in Canada later in the summer. I think its a great place but I dont know what the people who live there think about it.Any opinions?
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Aravi884 days ago

Hi @Gomem
If cool suits you. Then Canada is the best place to live. It have very good economic, human life quality is also very good. It have very good citizen welfare policy and relative laws!!!! Health care center and policy is also good.

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zukgod880 days ago

If you like taxes and having the government do everything for you, you will love it. If you are more independent and can take care of yourself, not so much. It is very beautiful though, personally I would live in Alaska before Canada any day of the year.

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Ganis880 days ago

It is a nice place to live!

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rageye01879 days ago

I have been twice is you like mountains then jasper or banf, if you like sea then the coast parts are great.

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khaledmus852 days ago

Canada i think its like any other country in the world, they have the good and the bad,i think the different are buildings and money pay for work their.

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