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How often do you buy a new computer? Reward $3
Created by bike, 1566 days ago, 2050 views

How often do you buy a new computer?
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corayth1566 days ago

2 or 3 years.

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MizzM1566 days ago

Hi, that really depends on the situation. I first bought a laptop back in 2009, the last time I use it was last year so I just wait until it broke down then I bought a new one. Though, I would add it to my arsenal if I have extra money and that computer is affordable. As of now, I got one laptop and a netbook which I use just 3 times. My suggestion is to keep your money inside your bank if you don't really need a new computer.
The future is unpredictable so those money might come handy. My answer is buy it when your computer broke down or you really need an extra computer at work, home, etc.

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pustoi111565 days ago

enough to buy once powerful power supply and the best (by far) processor (course, and the motherboard and all, to ensure the full performance of the processor). Then I change the video card, depending on the issue of new DirectX API. it is if you want to play with better graphics (again, for now). If you just simply sit in social networks, or watch movies. can, in general, do not change until you get bored or do not break at all. for 15 years, I have changed only 1 time a computer, but about 5 video cards (including because of their breakdowns).

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IfTheShoeFits1565 days ago


It depends really. IF you take care of your system in a good technical manner.. ie: security updates, scans, registry cleaning, temp files / cookies /history... all cache. This will for sure help the life of your computer.

However, IF a good system is purchased, ie: Brand name, it should last for several years. It all basically depends on you. Example, if it is desktop computer it is very beneifical to clean as well the internal part of Operating System... (the tower) .....

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Aravi1565 days ago

Hi @bike
Once in every 7 to 10 years.


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5741179541565 days ago

Every day.

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lifeiselsewhere1565 days ago

At least 3 years since last time I bought a new laptop with i7 CPU and SSD. I will buy a new one when I have new requirements.

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MizzM1565 days ago

@574117954 You must be rich to buy a new computer EVERY DAY.

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Masum1565 days ago

it is a huge pain to try to figure out ''what I will need from a new system. As a result I will delay until the frustration level of dealing.My current computer will force me to "just do it". My laptop is 6 years old, the desktop 8, and I've *almost* decided on what to replace both of them with. A huge step for me......... :D

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Dipto1564 days ago

@bike I buy a new computer when the old one is no longer usable

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Junkaa1563 days ago

4-5 years, but its sad

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itius1563 days ago

I like to maintain my computer in great condition so that I am able to keep it about 8 years. It works very well today. I don't play high end games. Besides, when I'm buying new computer I do keep my old parts like hard disks, power supply, DVD ROM and cover.

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kengcoin1563 days ago

4- 6 years :D

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csa_k1563 days ago

In the past 20 years I got four old computer. Only in the last year I bought a new

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nuklin1560 days ago

A period of two years depending on depreciation, relevance, attributes and physical workability.

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cochiguero1560 days ago

Every 2 years

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tlredd541560 days ago

I usually buy a new computer either if it has expired from age or an virus has destroyed it.

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Qrow1560 days ago

I don't. I build my own machines, so I can choose hardware configuration as I please, and also I can be sure it's been built by a pro technician.

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it9computers1560 days ago

Depends on the quality and type of a computer if its a desktop I find it easier and a lot of the time cheaper to rebuild old computers than try and replace them and I normally do that ever 2-3 years or when ever I feel that I may need an upgrade. With laptops I find that they start to break down fast so normally ever 1.5-2 years.

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gina44481560 days ago

i have an hp pavillion notebook and pc. ive had it 5 years and it still runs as good as the day i bought it. i can reboot the whole system as if it came straight from the factory. so mabe every 5 to 6 years, if u buy the right make of pc.

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Gavruss1557 days ago

Probably once every five years ? If people realised that there is fantastic software to install it would make their PC run just like the first day they bought a computer ??

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Vanish0071557 days ago

If you collect a powerful computer that the next 5-7 years, you do not need hardware upgrades.

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rageye011556 days ago

not often five or six years apart

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jazz7771555 days ago

The new computer - a state of mind , and personally I buy toppings (accessories ) every six months , but the system block remains the same - so fewer questions from women in finance :)

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MarianaM211555 days ago

Every 3 years, depending on my personal economy

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alla1554 days ago

every 5 years i mean we have to Keep up with the times

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pepsiguy19681554 days ago

every year ok

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gwenlep1552 days ago

It depends on what you do with your computer. Do you need the newest technology? Then you need to buy one sooner than someone only
using it for basic things

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Pravy1552 days ago

I buy when i feel the need.
The need for speed.
Yes, The need for a faster Computer now.

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khaledmus1540 days ago


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buljuk1540 days ago

Personally, I buy 3-5 years

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nihal291539 days ago

hi @bike , i will be talking about today's situation. . PSs are used as home theater pc , gaming pc , office pc , a casual pc .
1 . HTPCs = they should be power efficient , less powerful processor is required , low profile graphics cards are enough , 2 gb ram is enough, Display is major thing .
they can easy last 7 years without any issue .
2. Gaming pc = they need high end graphics cards ( like gtx 1060) , i5 6th gen is enough for gaming , a good power supply is needed from a good manufacturer , 16 gb ram is future proof, 1080p displays , ssd are must .
they can crush any gamy @1080p until next 4 years .
3. office pc - just a prebuild system @300$ will be enough for office work .
5 years life span

4. casual pc = can go with amd fx or intel i3 with a gtx 750ti or the newly RX 460 graphics cards , 8 gb ram , a 450 w power supply is good to go.
can last 7 years with capability of upgrading ram and cpu ( i3 to i7 when price drop)

conclusion - any pc can last upto 7 years if you have a great MOTHERBOARD , in which you can upgrade your processors to the high profile one , and has ability to add more ram . power supply is IMPORTANT make sure to buy a good power supply with 80 + certifications , systems with one graphics cards will never need more then 500w . i will say that invest in motherboard to stay future proof!
and if you are thinking about your old pc check about your motherboard the best processor it can handle and will it be able survive new game and stuff then make your decision .

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Pravy1538 days ago

Probably once in 5 yrs. But this year i got myself a Surface Pro 4 and a iMac.That means by rule i have to wait another 5 yrs to upgrade. Surface Pro is dope but iMac i instantly regretted my decision.

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ethan1538 days ago

i got my first laptop in 2013,and it's ok now.
i use it study and game.LOL,it can run the game no problem ,but not very fluency.
a few months ago ,i change it ram 4gb to 8gb,it just fell much better .
so if you laptop hardware with no issue,you can upgrade you ram or change hard disk to ssd.
gave your old laptop a new life,,haha

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ready1537 days ago

I buy a new computer maybe once a year

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anikin1534 days ago

I buy a new computer when the old betraying me

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