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How to fall asleep fast? Reward $2
Created by nanna, 919 days ago, 1344 views

How to fall asleep fast with noise?
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SetupComputer919 days ago

Blink fast for at least one minute. Your eyelids will grow tired and then you'll fall asleep in no time. Just blink and don't think of anything else.


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gina4448919 days ago

slow your breathing down, and make them deep breaths. and keep your eyes closed. this has put me to sleep many times, and ive felt refreshed in the morning.

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Tosslehoff919 days ago

Barring the obvious like sleep enhancers, and quite oddly, on those nihts when I'm tossing and turning, I find sleeping in a mildly uncomfortable position to help. I'll often lie in bed for 50+ minutes, hit the couch and immediately fall asleep.

Just my 2c but I hope you can find some value in it.

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MizzM919 days ago

Hi, try to read a book before you get to sleep. Lay on your bed and read book within an hour or so. I tested it myself and within less than 30 min I fall asleep.

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pustoi11919 days ago

You include certain sound frequency (good!) speakers. but better good headphones. for example, "Schumann resonance". very sorry that you can not download the audio files here. I might put the audio files that help me.

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rageye01919 days ago

I take hot cup of milk and hops and drop off no trouble.

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Hytsa919 days ago

I don't know what your mean by "noise".
Originally I need to sleep in the dark and complete silence... But i have tinnitus for more than 6 months. It was impossible at start, i didn't sleep more than 4 hours.
But well, i needed to do with tinnitus. I listen sweet music and read on ebook (don't need light !).

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braz68919 days ago

I take a hot bath, drink a jasmine tea and put cotton in his ears.
I sleep fast!

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Aravi919 days ago

Hi @nanna
Think noting and keep your eyes closed in dark for 5 mins.


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SoftGuitar918 days ago

turn on your radio... find a station that is very hard to get... you will get static "white" noise.
Use that to sleep with... it will put you to sleep when you hear all that static.
Also sleeping with your feet cold or outside the blanket will definitely help you to sleep according to studies conducted I think by the University of Tennessee

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lifeiselsewhere918 days ago

Drink coffee 4 hours before sleep, and do something to make yourself exhausted.

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csa_k917 days ago

with earplugs

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jeetkml896 days ago

It is simple. Just try to see or hear or to do something unfavorable. Your brain will try to sleep to avoid it.

A guy, answer you, try to read book but I want to add his suggestion, try to read, write, listen against your taste .

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Togekiss_4011895 days ago

Put on earphones (Not headphones) and turn on your small MP3 player and listen to new age music. (You know, the ocean sounds and piano and mellow country guitar and synthesizers.) This is what I do all the time and I fall asleep to such wondrous music and have such pleasant dreams. While listening to your music, think about walking around in nature or something that you can picture yourself enjoying blissfully... I do this and slowly slip away into a deep sleep state where I just won't wake up to anyone or anything making sounds. You should really give it a try, I think you'll enjoy the peace and feeling the warm sense of calm and solace.

Try these albums:

-Solace, by Reflections
-Tranquil Moments, by Reflections
-Spirit Earth, by Reflections
-Chi, by Reflections
-Reiki, by Reflections
-Rest And Relaxation, by Reflections
-Peaceful Evening, by Reflections
-Dreamtime, by Reflections
-And many more new age albums

Try this: If there's songs you don't seem to like but others you do, then try making a playlist of your most favorite songs.

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fantazi895 days ago

Чтобы быстро уснуть нужно постараться ни о чем не думать.Не шум а мысли не дают спать.

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JDonthebay895 days ago

ear plugs and read! you'll fall asleep in no time!

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Lex894 days ago

Noise cancelling headphones. They really makes any noise disappear!!!

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khaledmus887 days ago

avoid acoffe at night and eat one peice of abannana i think it helps go sleep.

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valery11765 days ago

Count to 10 and then If you want think of some soothing thoughts.If you want you can eat a fruit such as banana or orange.

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