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In real life you have everything, if you not happy why Reward $25
Created by yassinhm, 1600 days ago, 1664 views

In real life you have everything, if you not happy why
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Pravy1600 days ago

The biggest truth of human life is that we want everything. And this everything is very subjective and changes from person to person. A rich person would say everything in materialistic way. And a poor person would say everything in a spiritual way.
Personally I am a very materialistic person. I don't mean it in terms of money but with matter. I love gadgets, posh furniture, great home, superb speakers etc. You get the drift. It may seem a bit too dramatic but why not? This human life is the only life where you can appreciate such things. And well the era is also the best to appreciate such things.

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pustoi111600 days ago

all that is necessary for the life I have.

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Aravi1600 days ago

Hi @yassinhm
The truth is no one can't have everything in his/her life. Even if I imagine that I have everything in my life, I may not be happy because, I may worried about a friend who is not as much happy as I do.


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pustoi111600 days ago

in fact, a man needs a little. the first to be fed, the second comfort temperature and the third, to do just what you like.

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theingredient1591 days ago

Win or lose; they are the same impostor. You have everything, only if you are aware how little everyone else has. That will not bring happiness, long-term.

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Yesido1587 days ago

What makes a person happy is to be able do, live and enjoy what they like. Are you concern with how the others feel, if so then you ha e your answer. If not then do what you like and reschedule with the other, but be truthful. Being happy is good, but enjoying and getting what you want, the guilt will only last for a few minutes.

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