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How often are you playing Pokemon Go? Reward $2
Created by bling, 884 days ago, 1740 views

How often are you playing Pokemon Go ?
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Stoneheart877 days ago

Every day so far, it's pretty awesome! Not only am I getting a good hour or two of walking in, I'm also exploring sites around my area that I've never had any cause or reason to see before. Where I live a lot of social walking groups have sprung up around it, including fundraising walks and litter-pick-up-as-you-catch walks :) People talk to each other and interact while you're walking around instead of just passing each other, families are doing it together... It's just wonderful and I believe perhaps the greatest game ever made. Not because of the gameplay, but because of the incredible positive real world impact it's having. It's even impacting the economy with local businesses which are seeing on average a 75% increase in business from foot traffic.

I work in software as well and our dev team is in Nepal, I was talking to one of our devs today and he was telling me that Pokemon Go is a huge craze there too and causing a major surge in national pride & rediscovery of their history & heritage. There's so many temples and ancient sites there right in the middle of developed areas which the locals kind of just ignore, which are now being discovered and appreciated for the first time.

Not to even mention the interesting ways animal shelters and companies are using it to get interest and give discounts etc... one shelter is getting volunteer dog walks by offering up dogs to walk while you're playing pokemon, another is giving discounts on cat adoptions if you have caught a Meowth and can show it :)

For such a simple game concept, it's incredible.

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itius884 days ago

Everyday :) 1-2 hours of running around and catching poket monsters :D

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zrodfects884 days ago

Just started yesterday, already collected over a dozen Pokemonians, it is actually on now at home, just collected a boring rat known as Rattata>

I am gamer anyways and would try anything, but checking it out before allowing my kids to download it , there are Pokemon modules all around our area and I see it as a great way for predators to grab kids who are curious on what happens near the module areas, I can see the fun in the app collecting and finding rare pokemons but this is an easy thing for the wrong people to attract kids, I hate keeping stuff away from my kids it kills me but I am not risking it for just a split decision curiosity. At the end of the day it is just an app, hundreds of thousands of other games to play, even other Pokmon games etc..

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yassinhm884 days ago

Everyday 1 hour of running around and catching monsters

Such games may become a little thought

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gina4448884 days ago

have never played pokemon go, but will give it a try soon

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dedijan884 days ago

everytime when i am in a bog city, because i live in country side

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Sharknad884 days ago

I haven't try it yet

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Ron884 days ago

Can't see the need to play it. There are millions of more constructive and fun ways to use my free time. If you catch them all, whats the big deal? Anybody that wants to spend the time can do it. Takes no skill or brains to do it. I like to do more challenging things with my time. Games are fun but I like them to involve thinking processes, or coordination or mastering a skill.

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Aravi884 days ago

I just tried only once. that too for only an hour.

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nihal29884 days ago

playing it since 9 july , its fun playing it on android , in india its not launched , but we are playing its for 2 hour daily only got 19 pokimons , it consumes 20-30% battery every 45 minutes . and i am limited to home wifi only .

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Cgoding884 days ago

never don't like that game

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Pravy884 days ago

as often as i walk with my hands i,e never.

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branko7171883 days ago

A bit every day.

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futakuokanaba883 days ago

2-12 hours a day :D

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Muzammil883 days ago

Not tried yet.

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maren882 days ago

Never. Why I should do this? Give me one good reason.

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Togekiss_4011879 days ago

I am not going to play it yet until they fix a ton of bugs on their server and in game, this has been a rushed kind of release and they didn't do well upon releasing it so I will patiently wait a while for the bugs to get fixed and I also have to get permission from my staff to walk alone off grounds because I live in a group home and they won't allow it until October this year.

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pustoi11879 days ago

many do not know, but the sponsor of the game CIA! you will be a wonderful, free spy for the good of America! simply brilliant! people are afraid of surveillance, but set the program being watched ...

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pustoi11879 days ago

people lately, to such an extent stupefied, they do not see the obvious things.

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Ladyapril873 days ago

Never Japanese people do not need exes to my house

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D3a3n3861 days ago

I even not downloaded on phone and not going

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