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I need to sleep ! How I can ? Reward $210
Created by MickelMalik, 1560 days ago, 2760 views

I took some medication for that but they cause side effects for the mentally ill So if you have any naturals solutions i'm begging you !!! tell me how ?
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pustoi111560 days ago

Melatonin tablets
Melatonin tablets This drug is an analogue of the hormone of the pineal gland and melatonin can have on the human body sedative, adaptogenic and sedative effect. Insomnia, sleep disorders, and frequent awakenings - complain about symptoms such large numbers of people. That's what was created Melatonin - to normalize such an important function of the body as a dream, or rather the cycle sleep-wake. The same medication is able to normalize the overall body temperature and has a positive effect on the human biological rhythm. People with personality and emotional disorders as prescribed this drug. Apart from the above, the medicament is capable Melatonin called a short time to adjust the neuroendocrine function organism also adopt it to its emergency time zone change. The drug still has both antioxidant and immune-stimulating properties. After a course of treatment with this medication, the patient feels as his mental state improved, improved mood, it feels it is now easy and fast it goes to sleep and the immune system is much stronger than he. And yet, an important effect - slowing down the overall aging of cells.

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pustoi111560 days ago

I have the same problem. this drug really helped. an hour later, a strong desire to sleep. and in the morning you feel rested. This is not advertising, just, and you want the same. By the way, I'll be glad to know, too, what herbs are just as effective.

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MarianaM211560 days ago

There are plenty breath and meditation techniques for that. I used to take quetiapina to be able to sleep, but i soon after i started meditation i was able to cut it off.
The breathing technique I've found more efficient is the following:
First, sit or lay down in a comfortable possition. Take 4 short-quick breaths and hold it for 4 seconds. Release your breath slowly counting to 8. When your lungs are empty repeat the process.
Once you've get used to the breathing technique you can star taking 8 quick short breaths, holding 4 seconds and releasing in 16 times. This will make you feel so relaxed and out of your mind, only focusing on your breathing, that will eventually put you to sleep.

Here you have a link for further info.

Best wishes!

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tranminhtrung1560 days ago

You can find and buy Herbalife product... Enter website to know more infomation.. OK. tks

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arjay1559 days ago




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Aravi1559 days ago

Hi @MickelMalik
I will suggest you to better consult a doctor. Because, the absence of sleep can be because of many unknown reason. The tablets are only good for short time, but for permanent solution one have to find the root of the problem.


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pustoi111559 days ago

and if the problem is irregular working day. and change it there is no way?

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Aravi1559 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

Try some meditations and if our body dose not suit rotational shit still then try to switch the job. Because, that is the symptoms of big problem which can arise in the near future.

Certain sleep disorder are linked to neurological and physiological illness. You can suppress the symptoms by taking tables but you can't avoid the related illness.

Never take sleep tablets without doctor's advice. It can too lead to condition of many problems.


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pustoi111559 days ago

you read carefully? This is not an answer.

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yas1559 days ago

The best way for me to fall asleep is:

Wear a sleepmask!

1) Switch off the WiFi (WiFi causes insomnia, among other health problems)

2) Take a mixture of natural herbs, such as:

Goudpapaver, Valeriaan, Haverstro, Hop, Citroenmelisse, Slaapmutsje (NB. THESE ARE THE DUTCH TERMS) and Melatonin, Dragon Herbs Lights Out (see picture), 5-HTP, L-Theanine.

3) Download some soothing meditations on your MP3-player. Relax and listen, keep listening until you get sleepy.

4) Do self-hypnosis: count back from 100 to 0, imagine yourself slowly descending a staircase, each step is one count. If you lose count, start anew. If you keep your eyes facing a little upward, this will induce relaxation more easily. Don't give up, keep counting. Tell yourself: "I don't have to do anything, I'm totally relaxed now."

5) You can also try a bodyscan: relax your body parts one by one, starting with your head and moving slowly down, until you get to your feet.

If necessary, repeat steps 3 to 5.

Sleep well!

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Aravi1559 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

I thought that you are taking about the same sleep disorder related to irregular working hour stress. If you have any other question then kindly clarify it in details then.

Because you just asked that "and if the problem is irregular working day. and change it there is no way?".


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Yuri1559 days ago

When my mother could not sleep, she began to read the Bible and quickly fell asleep.

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redaoumomen1558 days ago

you need to sllep before 1:00 am and eat healthy try to get tired

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braz681558 days ago

Friend, was sleeping only two hours.
Drinking this tea 3 weeks ago, almost one liter per day, now sleep more than 7 hours!

The miraculous mulberry tea:

personal account - took me to this post because it first wanted to make sure
my improvement was even due to the inclusion of mulberry leaf tea in my day-to-day.
Now, after 3 weeks of taking it all the time (cold), I can say without a doubt,
that it actually has the properties that the Japanese have reported in their studies.
I was going through a period of absolute dismay, lacked the will to perform tasks
minimum, and the worst was no more that natural sense of positive expectation, that
We hope that springs from within us when we have a good design and want to put it in
execution. It was so bad that even my projects succeeding and being praised even
all working out and getting the results, I was still immersed in that lack of
joy, an apathy so great that it could not even enjoy my own achievements. THE
life had become a daily EITHER DO.
So unmotivated and without waiting for improvement, I was searching the internet about these symptoms, and
I came across a link stating that the mulberry leaf had 22 times more calcium than milk.
I hesitated. But me interested for two reasons; one because I hate milk, need calcium and do not trust
capsule (I had bad experience with these expensive vitamin complexes, which came to me
cause temporary paralysis in one arm), and secondly because I have a foot blackberries in the backyard.
Why not try?
I went to the backyard and took just ten sheets, washed, plunged into the biggest pot I have at home, which
it is about five liters of water, let boil and cool, put in a jar and left to freeze because it does not taste
hot drinks. Adocei and I. Right away I was surprised as the taste and smell, which was
very good, although, during boiling have transpired a fish smell type sardines, which
empestou the house and left me very afraid of your liking.
On the first day I felt good in the late afternoon was strangely willing, and look
landscape, I thought the day was beautiful. This may seem an exaggerated comment, and with intention
to make free, but it is not; I literally did not think the beauty over the landscape, looking at the sea,
to the mountains and, although knowing of her beauty, he knew he had lost the ability to me
revel in it. Was it tea?
In the evening, another surprise; I slept. Literally blacked out without the help of TV, which always left
linked to cloy me and to fall asleep. I slept! And then I woke up already looking for the tea.
They do three weeks today. I turned to run, to go to the beach, and most importantly, that recovered
internal expectation that everything can change. I rediscovered myself to myself. Oh really!
And I can say without fear that you will feel some effect too. Maybe more, maybe less,
but certainly feel, because it occurred more people in my family, and we are all
addicted to tea now. Try it! And preferably, plant a mulberry tree, even if it is
a vessel, instead of buying capsules.
The effectiveness tested and approved the Mulberry Tea was first given by Ministry of studies
Japan's Health, been released by Channel TV Japanese NHK, after the samples analyzed
the leaves of Amora Miura, could be proven through studies that really it has effects
powerful to control and prevention of:
* Diabetes: - It has the DNJ, Glucose rate of Inhibitory with the release of insulin Natural;
* Kidneys and Liver: It improves the functioning of the liver and kidneys, inhibiting the accumulation of fat and
cholesterol in these organs;


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luzi1558 days ago

please don't worry:

the most problems we digest al in the night. When you can not sleep, your brain works on with full speed.

you can take pills with valerian or passion-flower.

the first you ask your self, why you can not sleep. The second is to cancel all the reasons. The medical elements are only aid to help you for a fast effect.

Pleas sorry for my bad english.

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Izaro1558 days ago

if i can't sleep at night i will try to eat some foods (eat,,, eat and eat., that will make me sleepy).... :)

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ayoub171558 days ago

hi , this video may help you:

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peachi1011558 days ago

Nyquil now sell a med that is for sleep only...a script from your doctor that works is tyrazadon
good luck

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khaledeldbaa1557 days ago

Of sleep is a lucid, a creature perhaps live on this earth

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toribio1557 days ago

Masturbate twice, then drink milk...

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ckoch1553 days ago

well I believe in jesus. I give my problems to him. He said cast all your cares upon me. Then I sleep I don't know what I would do with that

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nashnosh1553 days ago

try to write numbers in your mind with eyes closed

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threeball1553 days ago

I have 2 very sleep-inducing recordings,David Attenborough's narration of Blue Planet- Seas of Life,and Rain and low Thunder Sounds,2 hour track Downloaded from You Tube

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naprah1553 days ago

Warm milk, a handful of raw shelled pumpkin seeds and a very boring book, works for me every time. It is cheap, natural and safe unless you are allergic.

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eustaquio2000a1553 days ago

Chamomile tea and passion fruit juice

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Alirio1552 days ago

Try to sleep the natural way, just have some exercise during the day, sweat a lot, have some sex. When you are exhausted, turn off the lights, keep your room quiet (and your mind too), and get some good sleep. Good luck!

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charlielan1552 days ago

Read a book 30 min before going to bed. And use a paper copy, not an electronic one. The LED light from electronics will disrupt your sleep. I recommend the Old Testament, especially the Book of Leviticus or Deuteronomy.

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jeetkml1534 days ago

Try to do unfavorable ( means to do against your mind or taste of mind ,brain. ), like try count-down 100 to 1, try to solve mathematics equation if you are not good in math , try to read unfavorable blog. When our brain can't understand something then it try avoid it and you sleep. OR try to repeat some words again-again.

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Thiru49381534 days ago

When you lie down in the bed just notice whether you are gritting your teeth. Just relax and make a slight gap between your upper and lower jaw. Without your knowledge you will fall asleep.

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deefdelic1534 days ago

a hot shower, a bit of true chillout ambiant music on the background and a nice joint to float away in your mind..

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Bine4851533 days ago

warme Milch o. ein Glas Wein

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Rafet1533 days ago

Abdest al,Namaz kıl,dua et.

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jagadish3211533 days ago

Drink cow milk with 1/4 spoon of turmeric powder mix and dink , and don't use shugar in milk ... try this daily 1 hour before rady to sleep for 1 week
then you feel good sound sleep

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Dejmon1533 days ago

Lehni si a počítej ovečky, někdy se dopočítáš k hóóóódně velkému číslu :-)

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JDonthebay1533 days ago

grab a book! it's a sure fire put to sleep for me!

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Lex1532 days ago

Depending on where you are originated you should look out for a cannabis dispensary and try to get some good indica marijuana or at least cbd oil! The legal use of cannabis as medicine is growing around the world and the only side effects are making you happy ;-)

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