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What's Your Dream House? Reward $2
Created by landing, 1562 days ago, 2425 views

Describe the ideal home that you would like to live in.
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igor1562 days ago

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lafru20161562 days ago


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landing1562 days ago


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landing1562 days ago

House for pet?

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igor1562 days ago

It's just a joke (I love cats).

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ricspa1562 days ago

this ideally for a pet, with four legs... or maybe a chicken. kind of cute. my dream home for a pet will have windows and a door too.

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pustoi111562 days ago

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ZzMrXzZ1562 days ago

a cottage in the middle of a lavender field

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Hytsa1562 days ago

I want to live in a contemporary space with an earthy appeal. Surrounded by forest !
The wood-framed windows have a wonderfully warm, natural look that makes the perfect bridge between outdoors and in. Stone at its base, wood, and clear glass as you make your way up, and lush forest towering around, mirroring nature. The home’s interiors are also an ode to nature, featuring a palette of natural materials and a Feng Shui-compliant layout yielding to the laws of heaven and earth.

But i really don't care of the house if one day i can live under a night sky full of stars

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Aravi1562 days ago

Hi @landing
It is a 3BHK beach house away from few hundred meters away from sea/ ocean in the current city area. Which is little away from traffic and pollution. Because, I feed up of pollution and traffic.


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Dipto1560 days ago

This is the kind of place I'd like to live in :

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angelo591560 days ago

3bedroom bathrooms in all bedrooms house on a hill.

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justine891560 days ago

My dream house is small and looks like this

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maren1560 days ago

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betteboop801556 days ago


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Ajang1556 days ago

Home sweet home......

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rageye011555 days ago

just like this would be great

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eustaquio2000a1555 days ago

My dream house is a place inside

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Elderwand81555 days ago

1. It has to be big (mansion size). 2. It has to be close to the beach (I can go 24/7!). 3. Must be in a suburban area (I don't want it to be too crowded or so deserted that the nearest store is miles away). 4. Swimming pool (both inside and outside). 5. Full sized arcade (you did say ideal :)
6. Indoor and outdoor soccer field (the indoor one is turf). 7. Treehouse in the backyard. 8. Miniauture waterpark/amusment park in the backyard.

Ok I'll end it here. . .this house was getting a little too perfect :)

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nuklin1555 days ago

A duplex, all rooms suites, six in number, four rooms including the master's bedroom, a small parlor and corridors, up. two rooms, the kitchen, the prayer room, a big gaming/ debate room, a bigger parlor and an extended garage down beside a table tennis space. Masters bedroom for me and my wife will have two restrooms on two adjacent bed sides, and two directly opposite dressing rooms.
The landscape will be well planned with beautiful gardens. An orchard, a football field, a basketball court, a ranch, and a large farm behind. for my vegetables and other crops and grazing for my domestic livestock. A pond a little far off from the main building into the farm.

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khaledmus1528 days ago

ahome nt matter big or small,ordinary home s enough.

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volodj16121491 days ago

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