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Why is Pokemon Go so popular? Reward $3
Created by shawn, 1603 days ago, 1754 views

Why is Pokemon Go so popular?

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Togekiss_40111596 days ago

Pokémon is one of the best games that came out for Nintendo systems, and it has been popular with kids and adults alike with a lot of strategy based action in the game and in the anime. Pokémon Go is extremely trendy as you get to walk everywhere and earn stuff by visiting places and battling trainers by meeting them in person. And the fact you can obtain and hatch eggs with real life steps is quite a milestone too because the core series didn't do that with the pedometer function. But the downside to all of this is they still have a long way to go in order to perfect this app because they still have lots of bugs in it to fix.

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Beebekkarki1603 days ago

It is the TV series that contains action ,adventure,romance and comedy.i think that for this reason it is so popular.

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shawn1603 days ago

It is a game.

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olja2255881603 days ago

It's one more good possibilitie to move your butts from house, because you are actually should catch pokemons on the street and in case you got an egg, you should walk 5km to get that pokemon. So i think people interested in game more than go out with friends. :D

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sajal271602 days ago

Pokemon was and I guess still is, a very popular series that an entire generation grew up watching. The late 80’s and mostly the 90’s kids. Also the Nintendo game version of pokemon in GameBoy handheld video game device are so popular that they are the second most sold video games in the world, right after Nintendo’s own Mario. So with such a huge fan following Pokemon Go can’t be anything but popular!

Now look at the other reasons why this game is skyrocketing in both Android and iOS

The Nostalgia!

Pokemon reminds its fans of all the good times they had watching the TV series and playing the games. Those times we can never get back but Pokemon Go is making a very decent attempt at rekindling that fire in us.
Our fantasy finally comes true!

As kids, many of us dreamed and dreamed that pokemon could have been there in our real life too. Pokemon Go has capitalized on that with their augmented reality version of the game. This is our chance to travel the world, catch pokemon and battle with other trainers! Our childhood dream fulfilled!

The ability to see other trainers nearby
The ability to battle other trainers, in a conventional Pokemon battle
The ability to receive notifications that Pokemon are nearby without having to have the application open
The ability to trade Pokemon and/or items
The ability to make your own gym or Pokestop (perhaps “sponsored” gyms or Pokestops)
Integration with other Pokemon games
Addition of more Pokemon

These are the reasons I can think of right now.

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pustoi111602 days ago

children dream of a pocket guards. want was to protect for any occasion. in addition, another, and a friend. which is always with you.

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ZzMrXzZ1602 days ago

Because it is connecting people, makes you go outside your house to play, not sitting all day long at one place to play a games anymore.

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Aravi1602 days ago

Hi @shawn
I think the reason is Pokemon Go is based on very famous cartoon Pokemon and follows the various other successful games of Pokemon. It is free for both Android and IOS. It have social connection between other player and various enhancement according to expectations of players with respect the previously released Pokemon based games.

Just try once, you will find yourself more.


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nihal291602 days ago

@shawn hi , Pokemon Go is so popular because people really like Pokemons and they want to catch them , play with them train them etc.
the game tries to fulfill there desire as game can give you a virtual experience in the real world with pokemons around you and there are gyms , poki centers . all stufs like we have seen on T.V an wanted to do so.
i am loving it .

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MarianaM211602 days ago

The ones who grew up when pokemon was popular have now the age and money to buy stuff like this. A sweet reminder of their childhood. :)

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zrodfects1602 days ago

The main reason is the name itself 'Pokemon' any new product that is form Pokemon will be popular, it is also a free app so any one fan or not can give it a go, I use it, but to me it is nothing special, I like Pokemon as much as the next person but Pokemon Go could of had a lot more features to be honest, some sort of battle/trade sytem kinda like how the 3DS works, this would make it better, or some sort of multiplayer or co-cop in the app to maybe trap pokemons that may run off or hard to catch...

But again it is mainly the name...

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Pravy1600 days ago

The truth is someone started playing, others watched and just followed the suit.Trust me this is the most honest answer people will give if you just ask them.

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futakuokanaba1599 days ago

Because people says it good

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Muzammil1599 days ago

I think it has become a trend. Most of the people play just because they hear from others about it. But the game itself is amazing!

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nashnosh1596 days ago

Because they've got a Powers!!!))

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