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Which is the best city to visit in UK? Reward $2
Created by listen, 887 days ago, 1549 views

Which is the best city to visit in UK?
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pustoi11887 days ago

Few cities can compete with York for its history and nature. The picturesque town on the banks of the river, surrounded by ancient walls with a unique origin, which has its roots in the distant past - about 2,000 years ago. Roman emperors were crowned here, William Wallace ("Braveheart") stormed the city. The city is steeped in history: the medieval stained-glass window of the Cathedral York to paved roads of the stone will cause you the inevitable admiration.

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zch098887 days ago

Hi @listen now I want you to read @listen. Haha. what a funny line. JK.
Well one of the places that I like to go take a visit is Edinburgh. It is a highly historical place from the history-soaked medieval tenements, vennels and wynds of the Old Town to the sweeping elegance of the Georgian New Town. Once you get there, you get to enjoy their culture and the surroundings. Wish you all the best of luck mate! Have fun on your trips.

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Aravi887 days ago

Hi @listen
Try Scotland....


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pearl887 days ago


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Hazem26887 days ago

Of course London will be the first recommended city to visit.

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Ravindra_2885 days ago


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maren885 days ago

Hi, @listen After London Abbey please think about visiting one rural place:

If you like castles you will like this place. There you can meet one famous actor:

John Challis from OFAH aka Only Fools And Horses and Green Green Grass etc etc.... most known like Boycie

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igor883 days ago

Stratford-upon-Avon. The town is a popular tourist destination owing to its status as birthplace of English playwright and poet William Shakespeare!!!

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Eiliyah878 days ago

London is one of the majority popular destinations in the world, having received a record breaking 17.4 billion visitors alone in 2014! It’s no surprise, as the city offers an extensive range of famous attractions, museums, art galleries, tours and experience for every one of all ages to like. London also boasts one of the world’s most concentrations of cultural attractions. London is filled with exciting things to see and do. Enjoy the dazzling views from the London Eye find out the Tate Modern the historical highlights of St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London you see the past, current and future of this extraordinary city. Plan your trip with Air india Airlines because it offers fabulous deals on flight booking.

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Peel865 days ago

Durham has a beautiful view, and even more in winter. Edinburgh is great too. York if you interest in Viking things. I think you really need a year of travel for UK.

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harry9214865 days ago


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