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How to know which person is donig right for others ? 5
Created by NOWSHAD, 891 days ago, 1408 views

actually.. we are surrounded millions of peoples in this worlds. we even know there are two types of peoples one is good another is bad. today is very difficult to trust others. how can i figure out who is right or doing rights for others?
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Pravy891 days ago

There's a test for this. Just drop a pen in front of them, and see the reaction of the people. The one who picks up the pen with a smile is the one who does good.
There are many more such kinda trails which can determine who's good or bad.
BTW this doesn't mean that the ones who don't pick up are EVIL. They are not just so empathetic towards others. It takes some time to know who's who in this world. You worst foe might become your best friend. Our world is that unpredictable.

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redaoumomen891 days ago

you ask the others about him

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yas891 days ago

Trust your instinct, your intuition. Feel it in your gut. If you practice this and take the time to listen to your own intuition, there you will find the answer. For instance, if you don't trust someone, don't you get a hunch? don't you feel some slight ache in your gut? And if you didn't listen to your gut feeling, don't you say afterwards "I could've known, because it didn't feel right"? Always listen to what your own intuition tells you. In time, you will learn to trust your own feeling more and more. Everyone has intuition, it can be underdeveloped or get snowed under by your rational mind, but it is there! Don't rely on what others may say, learn to trust your own inner judgment! It will guide you.

Intuition is defined as: a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why.

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Aravi891 days ago

The real solution is keep trust on yourself and person who is close to you. But never trust anyone including yourself 100%. Always be prepared for the next surprise of your life. The years of practice and experience of life can only teach you to find the correct answer for your above question.


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arjay889 days ago

How to know which person is doing right for others ?
To know which person is doing right for others is that you never wait for any rewards for the people you help.


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xiaoin2865 days ago

You know, everyone have different definition, how do you konw that the right you mean is right for others?
Like now, our moral principle, Worldview. Beacuse your meaning deviation to textbook, then you can say you r right?
Your problem is very hard.

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xiaoin2865 days ago

Maybe you can forgive your mistake. There have somebody you want and you ready trust is very happy. You don't need think others. Just ask yourself, is that worth?

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