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 Yellowstone volcano is ready to wake up? -

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Yellowstone volcano is ready to wake up? Reward $25
Created by Yuri, 835 days ago, 1225 views

I read on the internet about the imminent eruption of Yellowstone volcano. Is it possible from a scientific point of view?
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lordwolfe835 days ago

I say with the possibility high, the scientists and geologists are watching it closely. I did a quick search and came across a post that was made June of this year and it states that the status of the Volcano is in the green and doesn't pose an immediate danger. I am sure that if it starts showing signs that it was going to erupt, they would issue an early warning. I strongly believe that in due time Yellowstone will make it's presence known but not anytime soon.

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Aravi834 days ago

The monitor team are working 24/7 to point out probability of eruption. But the truth is no one can predict 100% accurate. You can predict any thing before a month if it is a slow reaction. It can be even predicted before an hour if any rapid underground volcanic reaction occur.

But geologist are trying their level best to ensure the safety of location near yellow stone.

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pustoi11832 days ago

the issue of discharge, when I die. sure about such things it is better not to think. If he wakes up, the question is no longer relevant. as well as our lives.

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timbabs832 days ago

it is possible as the scientists say

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igor832 days ago

From the article "The Apocalypse is coming. Yellowstone supervolcano may explode in 2016.":"The Scientific Council under the President of the United States came to the conclusion that it is impossible to save the entire population. In just a few months before the explosion of the country's major vyvezut scientists, military specialists in high technology and billionaires. It is unlikely that millionaires will be able to survive, they do not have enough space in the "Ark". Already, some millionaires get rid of the property and move to the eastern hemisphere."

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maren832 days ago

Yes, this is very possible.

Last report say that volcano go green and maybe we don't see eruption.

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ZzMrXzZ832 days ago

No way, scientists are all mad people, they scared us too many times in the past with wrong warnings about meteor crashing and they are all fake.

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ha14831 days ago


Volcanic eruption is not new it can happen at any time and Yellowstone volcano can erupt at any time without warning, depending on the power of eruption it can wipe a large part of the population on the planet earth and then gradually eliminating all signs of life, those who take shelter in ARK type shelters wont survie much longer because lake of resources and pollution covering earth...Maybe also this Yellowstone volcano eruption can be so violent that can split the earth in to 2 parts or more thus bringing APOCALYPSE REALITY.

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