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Created by arjay, 862 days ago, 1146 views

You are holding onto your grandmother's hand and the hand of a newborn that you do not know as they hang over the edge of a cliff. You have to let one go to save the other. Who do you let fall to their death? What was your rationale for making the decision?

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SetupComputer861 days ago

@arjay ,

Well, again, that is a hypothetical question, but remember that only you has the right to decide on the correctness of each alternative. Whatever alternative you choose, other people will dismiss your actions as wrong.

For example:
Scenario 1: Save the child. People will say, "He was cruel to his grandmother who raised him" or something to that effect.
Scenario 2: Save the grandmother. People will say, "He denied the chance of life on the newborn" or something to that effect.
Whatever you choose, at least someone will disapprove of your decision.

However, with hypothetical questions, you must remember that the probability of these actually happening is quite low, so low that it is very stupid to even consider such possibility. These types of question does not measure right or wrong, but the nature of the one answering the question.

But if you're curious to find out my answer, I'd say I cannot save any of them. Only God can save someone. Given that the situation is so complex with conflicting emotions, I doubt that I can make any rational decision at all so I'll leave it be to God to decide for me by Him taking control of me in that very perplex situation. Again, other people will say, "You're just afraid of making a decision", but then again, I will reply, "Does it make you brave in deliberately choosing to save someone and killing / letting go of the other?"...


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zch098862 days ago

Hi @arjay

Is it a riddle? or a manifestation of a true to life scenario in which case you actually needed to decide?
Well, for me I rather held unto the newborn's hand for the reason that my grandmother taught me that in order to live a life of no regrets we must be selfless and happy to whatever decision we will make. Thus, in my decision, I am sure that my grandmother will surely understands the faith that is bestowed upon us and there comes a time that someone needs to sacrifice. Apparently, I am sure that my grandmother sure lived his whole life worthy and peacefully that she may be able to rest happily without any regrets.

Secondly, I have another answer that first comes to my mind when I read your question. It is also possible to let your grandmother hold the hand of the baby instead of you then you can actually pull them together so you three can live happily ever after. :D
Isn't amazing?? Cheers mate!

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Aravi862 days ago

Hi @arjay
It is hipoptical question, where both the decision will be equally justify its self.

1) One can't say when a person is going to die first. Even a new born baby can die in future because of other diseases. Even a grandma can die because of age. Hence, no one can judge a persons life span.

2) If you let your grandma down then to this riddle's answer is correct. Because, you have decided to not to lose a person who loves you.

3) Even if you select a newborn baby then too this riddle's answer is correct. Because you are going to save a innocent baby sacrificing your grandma.

My answer will be that I will pray that I will never get a chance to such decision to make in my life.


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darrell862 days ago

this would be a very hard decision to make.As hard as it would be to let her go i would hang on to the baby and let grand ma go.My reasoning is grand ma has lived her life to the fullest and the babies has just began and there is no future for the world if we all hang on to grand mas of the world and let the babies go...A babies life lays ahead of it as to grand mas are at the end of life...sounds cold hearted i know but in a real world situation thats what i would do,it would torture my soul up for quite some time though.

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yas862 days ago

One life is not more precious than the other. Let them both go, so you won't have to choose. They will find each other on the other side and they can both start a new reincarnation. Other option: let the newborn go, he is still very much in touch with the other world and will come back very soon as another newborn.

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ZeeshanAhmad3494861 days ago

grandmother, probability of her life is less :P

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Dipto860 days ago

@arjay I would hold the child and let my grandmother fall. The reason is everyone is put on this earth to live a limited and fixed amount of time. My grandmother would be very old and already lived 90% of her life. But the child hasn't. His life has just began.

Every person makes some contribution towards mankind , his fellow beings. Tries to makes the world a better place. Grandmother has already made her contribution. She doesn't have much to give to society. But the child's life has just began. He is yet to dedicate his life for the betterment of the world.

Hope that helps you.

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stevovo860 days ago

Neither. I think I am strong enough to pull a fragile granny up from the edge of the cliff.

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zitzer860 days ago

This question is very complex, but my answer is simple.
I, in my heart know I would have to save grandma, but not because she is family, but because:
1) I would not want any child to have to grow up in the world as it is now.
2) The baby has never sinned and therefor, is granted a pass into heaven, (By Faith)
just my own thoughts but, I do think this is what I would have to do to live with the decision I made.
Thank You,
For such a compelling question!

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arjay859 days ago

Thanks Guys for giving a response to my question that i post i really really appreciate it all of..
you have all great answer on my question .....

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