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How to take Revenge ? Reward $2
Created by ZeeshanAhmad3494, 1573 days ago, 1705 views

How to take Revenge ?
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yas1572 days ago

Remember, dear @ZeeshanAhmad3494 that everything you do comes back to you. It does! If someone has done you wrong, that will come back to him too. Guaranteed. It's a small consolation, but you don't need to take revenge. The law of Karma will do this for you. If you are angy, do some sports, go running or boxing. Best regards, Yas.

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boyz1573 days ago

Go to watch revenge movies or dramas.

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arjay1573 days ago

Revenge is the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.

but we don't need to take revenge to them all you need to do is to forget and forgive them for what they did and let the god take revenge for you .

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Aravi1572 days ago

Hi @ZeeshanAhmad3494
Revenge is way that demon show. Forgiving is the way god show. Just to sit back and wait and watch the show is the way that wise man choose.

This is because, if a person hurts you then their is high likely chance that he/ she will hurt other too. You can reply them back at correct time. This is better then screwing up your social respect in the fire of revenge.


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maren1569 days ago

Revenge is best when is served cold. But, even is served cold, this have bad taste for person who gave revenge.
Wait and look what happened to person who hurt you. You will see that karma all will doing for you better than you.

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ckoch1565 days ago

don't do it that's the best way period

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VIRUS1550 days ago

взять реванш — свести счеты, отомстить, посчитаться, отплатить той же монетой, расквитаться, поквитаться, расплатиться, отмстить, припомнить, выместить, расчеться, сквитаться, рассчитаться, попомнить, отплатить

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Amaan1546 days ago

Success is best revenge

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Amaan1546 days ago

Success is best revenge.

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magentadeb1546 days ago

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