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How to speak fluently in foreign language? Reward $2
Created by zch098, 890 days ago, 1365 views

I want to learn different languages but I don't know how to start yet. I somehow understands some language but its not quite good and also I want to speak those fluently especially japanese, german and french I think. Can someone help?
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Flashwind890 days ago

First: you must determine the level of knowledge of the language - spoken or linguistic.
The easiest method - individual sessions with the teacher, but the quality of the knowledge depends on your budget and skill of the teacher.
But the best option is communication with a native speaker and the best - in the country of the target language.
But even in the case of residence in the country of the language you are learning, I would not recommend to be limited to any one method.
+ reading Newspapers and magazines (with a dictionary)
+ watching movies (with subtitles)
+ communication on forums on the Internet with native speakers
+ reading fiction, studying the history in the original language will help you get to understand the national characteristics of culture
+ etc & etc...
By the way!
Now in all electronic dictionaries there is duplication of text by voice.
This will help you with pronunciation.
I wish you good luck!

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realtrain890 days ago

Recently, I started learning Japanese. I bought a set of textbooks (Book & CD). They are useful or beginners.
I think reciting and listening is very important.

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lori463890 days ago

Try duolingo

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CoolCat890 days ago

The best and fastest way to learn foreign language is to talk a lot with native speakers. Believe me, even two months of active communication will give you a good result.

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Aravi890 days ago

Hi @zch098
The most effective way is to make 2 or 3 friend who know that language and speak with him / her at-least half an hour a day. You can also learn them through watching the movies/dramas from that language to polish your language skill.

Only the practice can make your perfect in a foreign language.


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nusrathossain17889 days ago

Although I could recommend various websites but just to have a working knowledge especially when one is travelling to french speaking countries one could try where one could find related questions to everydays life. Additonally if one wants to learn a language, one could just type "tutorial french for beginners" jJust substitute french for any other language for which u need to be looking for tutorials.

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arjay889 days ago

if you really want to learn a different languages you need to focus to the first language where it will be easy for you to adapt or to learn then after you learned in the first language then try another language in short you need to step by step. we don't need to make it simultaneously adapt all the languages that we want to learned.

hope that it help you ......

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