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How to make hair shiny and silky? Reward $3
Created by momoko, 891 days ago, 1655 views

How to make hair shiny and silky?
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just4yourinfo889 days ago

I had long thick hair down to my hips. One time a week I washed it with shampoo,
rinsed with a can of beer. Then put mayonnaise in it with a shower cap. Left the mayo on
for about an hour then rinsed good. I had amazing hair and always got compliments.
The other 6 days I did reg. hair wash and cond.

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DDWW1971891 days ago

Компоненты уникальной технологии Fibre Active (TM), входящей в состав серии Dove «Интенсивное Восстановление» проникают глубоко в структуру волос, восстанавливая их изнутри и предотвращая ломкость и сечение кончиков. Увлажняющая микро-сыворотка обеспечивает уход и увлажнение волос от корней до кончиков. Результат: сильные и красивые волосы, защищенные от будущих повреждений.

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nihal29891 days ago

try tresemme conditioners, they are the best hair conditioners i have ever used . =
they are easy to use and trusted by Stylists world wide .

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arjay891 days ago

use head & shoulder then after that apply some amount of gel or gatsby wax.

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Masum891 days ago

Best Tips

Mix one egg white and one tablespoon each of olive oil and honey until you get a smooth paste. Apply this paste on damp hair and scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap for about 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cool water.

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NiN891 days ago

Use Moroccan Oil. I Used I Experienced the Differences...

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Aravi890 days ago

Hi @momoko
In nature hair have tendency to be smooth, shiny and silky, if you properly take care of nutrient supply for it. It can extract all the required nutrient from the mixture of coconut oil + almond oil in 50% ratio, twice a day. It will make hair shiny and silky after few week of daily usage. It will only take 2 to 4 minutes in a day.

You can too try other home remedies mentioned in the below website.


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ZeeshanAhmad3494889 days ago

coconut oil, or egg, or yougurt

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Ruberoid78887 days ago

Use some beer for washing your hair.

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zitzer887 days ago

(Main And Tail) is a product for horses the works great.
I mean it it can make horse hair shiny and silky, just imagine what it does for human hair.

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sajal27886 days ago

Rice water which is a very Basic home remedies which has been used from Ancient time and it is one of the best method u will ever find and this method can also be used for your Flawless Skin.

hope this will help you

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Nityasharma770 days ago

castor oil will helps you to make your hair silky and shiny .Try these remedy once or twice in a week To know more details visit below website:

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