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Which place do you never want to go to? Reward $2
Created by speed, 893 days ago, 1791 views

Which place do you never want to go to?
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pustoi11893 days ago

there where you have to kill. does not matter, this is a war or a slaughterhouse.

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Masum893 days ago

Aokigahara Forest, Japan, the place you go and never come back from.

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threeball893 days ago

Amazon Rain Forest

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dlm3030892 days ago

Hell-on earth or otherwise!

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Aravi892 days ago

Hi @speed
I will not like to visit the below place in the link


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Aravi892 days ago

Even you don't got haunted in those place, but you will be affected in any way because of your visit.

Till date no one explained why?

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yanka457892 days ago

I never want to go to Chicago its one of the most dangerous places on earth. I dont know why but there's so much crime and shootings over there. Gang violence ec ...its like everyday someone's shot dead in chicago its just a very rough area.

read this

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Pravy892 days ago

I would never want to go to a Asylum.
That is even to visit someone because for the love of god i can't stand it.I would not even go for my own treatment if this crazy whacked world makes me into a maniac.

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alaayahyaoui892 days ago

the Bermuda triangle

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arjay892 days ago

in HELL hahahahha

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speed892 days ago

so true

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arjay892 days ago

thanks a lot @speed hope that we have the same answer. hahaha

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metalicheskiy891 days ago

in hospital

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Dipto891 days ago

I'd never wanna go to Roman Colosseum and die a brutal death

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yas891 days ago

Anywhere where people kill, murder, rape, hate, discriminate against minorities, make war, violate basic human & animal rights, pollute the sky, the earth & oceans....... oops, that's everywhere on this planet!

It's up to us to make this place, or any place, ugly or beautiful.
So let's make this earth a beautiful place.

Best regards, Yas

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maren891 days ago

Are you visited Albania or Turkey these days? Before 20 yearsnumber woman's with niqab was very little, today this number is in progress.
But one place is in top over all places!
Did I say Albania? Well this village is in Albania. Look this video about very known village Lazarat, where Albanians produce a lot of marijuana (canabis)

This business work today like before. Police action in 2014 was just mask for Europan Union.

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Hunk891 days ago

Syria and Iraq....

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ZeeshanAhmad3494890 days ago

Hell :P

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hasmohsin890 days ago

Never Go in USA and Occupied Palestine till it gets its Freedom!

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braz68889 days ago

I would not go to other planets .

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zrodfects889 days ago

I would most likely never ever go to Pakistan, Arabia, Iran & Iraq etc, no offence to these people, it is nothing personal, your still equal to the next friend of mine it is just the things that happen there, I do want to go seriously, I kinda always wanted to go to these places just for the experiencing their culture and living etc but due to the problems there I think it is safe to say it would be never on my must go list. Again it is not a personal thing so if you are one of the cool awesome people who live their or are from there your still a friend of mine, every country has their share of morons so I treat each idiot as an individual not as a whole, just if I dislike someone this won't mean I dislike the race, we are all raised in our own ways and beliefs, no one is perfect and we are human afterall, but your always going to dislike or like someone....

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stevovo889 days ago

An Oil rig as it is too dangerous

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AhmadMekheber889 days ago

I don't wanna go to Syria, but unfortunately I live in Syria .... so "I'd rather be Anywhere else, Anywhere else, Anywhere else, but here I'd rather be", "Simple Plan"

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AhmadMekheber889 days ago

you can't say "arabia" my friend, because there is 22 Arabian Country in Asia and Africa and Iraq one of these countries,and there is dangerous countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia .... etc, but also there's safe countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco,...etc

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NOWSHAD888 days ago

Jahannam (means Hell)

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zrodfects888 days ago


They were only examples, as I would type plenty of more similar ones also, but thanks for replying :)

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zitzer888 days ago


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ivanbelov_888 days ago

Домой к своей жене:D Хотел в клуб

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Hazem26887 days ago

Simply, Syria.

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yassinhm887 days ago

I do not find the place where my happiness

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Beebekkarki887 days ago

i don't want to go to hell after my death

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serezha868 days ago

Hi! I do not want to be where the war is!

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rageye01867 days ago

I would never go to Newcastle when Sunderland played there and won you could drop a penny in the town and not be seen or heard for days.

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nihal29867 days ago

A place place where people have no humanity like isis .

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Chip2015867 days ago

Naturally, it is end of the world :)

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Aircatcher867 days ago

Chernobyl, cause you will loose one of your balls

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juliako867 days ago

a cualquier pais arabe

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Rebecca859 days ago


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Atirudra858 days ago

no such place

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