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What is best method to learn FRENCH?????? Reward $2
Created by tracy, 1602 days ago, 1743 views

I am fully attracted or say hypnotized towards France and french because it seems very unique to me..

So,i want to know that how can i learn french in home

because i am so busy with my tution and studies that i will rarely go for french classes but i have a lot time alone at home,so can you suggest me a good self-learning PDF/BOOK or VIDEO to learn French at home.

and yes i am not a native English speaker.......??????
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EmmeTe1591 days ago

I'm french and I can give you some advices.

First you must learn vocabulary, vocabulary that you can use every day. For example, you can write on a sticker the french name of things you use every day, for example eggs = oeufs ...
The secund thing is to listen french songs and read in the same times the lyrics so you could learn the pronunciation, the accent.
The third thing is to learn some simple sentences, grammar is really difficult in french so the best is to learn and make short sentences.

You can also watch movie in french, first with subtitles and then entirely in french, the best is to begin with movies you already have seen.

The key of all is vocabulary and pronunciation,because some sounds are different between french and english and if you make some grammar mistakes it is not so much important.

If you have any question you can ask I would answer you avec plaisir !

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Pravy1602 days ago

I understand bro.. I am fascinated by Japan and Japanese.
For starters start watching French TV shows with subtitles. This is the best way to start learning any language.
After that YouTube your way to learn French or get a udemy course. Trust me I am learning this way and its fast.

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tracy1602 days ago

any suggestion about TV channels and shows.......

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Pravy1602 days ago

Sure man I'll leave you a personalized list when I get back home.. At the moment I am out.

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tracy1602 days ago

what's your FB id ????

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Pravy1602 days ago



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Aravi1602 days ago

Hi @tracy
Kindly find the below link:


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yas1601 days ago

Learn French in 8 hours with the Michael Thomas method.

Learn French - Instantly. Fastest way to learn.

No books. No writing. No memorizing. You will learn while enjoying yourself.


Easy does it!

Good luck,

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Pravy1601 days ago

@tracy Here you go for the Tv Shows.,asc&title_type=tv_series

& Here you go for French Channels on Youtube.

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redaoumomen1598 days ago

bro you need to communicate frequently with someone who speaks french or try an app like busuu or duolingo and watch movies with subtitles ^_^

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tracy1597 days ago


Best idea ever got on this topiic

but one correction
i should date french GIRLS not LADIES......

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taylorwilson1592 days ago

What are some key difference among French and Latin? I need a short description about difference among French and Latin, and maybe uniqueness of them? Actually I have to write for could you please help me?

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MickelMalik1591 days ago

Watching French movies
Try to write couple sentences in frensh
Communicate with an French by using Frensh chat

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armercore11590 days ago

use rozeta ston

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tracy1590 days ago


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Amnekk1590 days ago

it's to practice with people who speak french like me.

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EmmeTe1590 days ago

Your welcome, if you need some help, just ask I would help you ! Thank you for choosing my answer !

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nashnosh1589 days ago

I learn it in program Rosetta Stone!It's not difficult!

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