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What is the best way to wake up? Reward $2
Created by icecream, 567 days ago, 1142 views

What is the best way to wake up?
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ewe567 days ago

polibkem KISS

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Gattax567 days ago

A cup of coffee to freshen up yourself with toasts or biscuits.

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MichaelScheaffer567 days ago

in the arms of someone i love

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Masum567 days ago

Pray To your God For a Better Day.....

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Tankkiller567 days ago

For most people in the world, coffee is the best and fastest way to wake up, however, there are still other ways of waking up, like putting hot water on a cloth and putting it on your eyes, that seems to help you wake up more than coffee does, also, you can listen to music, however, make sure its not to loud. You can also do fun things like running exercising, and sports. Painting uses the left and right side of you're brain, which helps you wake up a lot faster. You can also do some things you like to do like watch a video. Some foods can help you wake up as well.

You're welcome in advance!

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pearl567 days ago

Pure cold water on you to start the new day

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nguyenthanhsang567 days ago

should not stay up late

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Aravi567 days ago

Hi @icecream
By hearing musical alarm .


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Pravy567 days ago

The best way to wake up is when you feel like waking up. I mean when you feel you have had enough sleep and your body itself wakes up without any alarm or stuffs waking you up.
For me it feels like bliss when I sometimes wake up like that.

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bulumishra567 days ago

There is proverb: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise! So go to bed as early as possible at night & the problem is over. It's natural & no need to depend upon any artificial things!

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minhngoc0108567 days ago

open your eyes

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19mitch65567 days ago

Now my friend that is a dangerous question, I good way to wake up for male or female sex shortly the other person will wake

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icecream567 days ago

Very sweet.

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metalicheskiy565 days ago

charging and shower

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threeball564 days ago

Gazing into the adoring eyes of a significant other

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yas564 days ago

Waking up and then realizing it's the Weekend...!

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alexandretexas12564 days ago

Not watching TV in the bed before sleeping, having a small towel and bottle of water next to bed so when the alarms start, you can watch your face without leaving your bed and got enough energy to wake up! Also if you can, have the switch of a light next buy to turn it on!

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Mechanix561 days ago

Breathing then you know your still alive.

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MarianaM21561 days ago

the gentle embrace of someone you love and a hot... cup of coffee ;)

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braz68561 days ago

When I wake up, I need to stretch my body in bed for a true awakening. Jump out of bed before it gets my bad body. Drink a glass of water, and prepare a good breakfast.

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arjay561 days ago

give a big smile in your face, and don't think of the problem/s . great your fellas and say GOOD MORNING FELLAS AND HAVE A GREAT DAY.

:) :) :)

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Beebekkarki561 days ago

go to bed early and have a sweet dreams. dont take any tension on your mind.. this is the best way to wake up.

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igor554 days ago

We open our beautiful clear eyes, then close them strongly - as our pussies. So lay half-minute. Hands and feet are relaxed. With closed eyelids slowly rotating eyeballs 5 times clockwise, 5 - against. It wakes up your brain, and eyes begin to see. They "stand" quietly, smoothly and without haste - it is easy, pleasant and comfortable.

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MickelMalik553 days ago

Sleep Early !

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JDThomas31553 days ago

On this side of the dirt and in good health in the presence of the people who love you the most. FAMILY!!!

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Lagster3553 days ago

Лучший способ проснуться это заняться любовью с любимой женщиной.

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advancedtechnologies545 days ago

having sex!

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Abrii544 days ago

the best way to wake up is to open your eyes and think for the most important task to be done.

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AndyF544 days ago

Truning back on the other side and go on sleeping!

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DaoThanh544 days ago

You must have a diet , proper rest . Go to bed and wake up the night from 22h at 5 am to exercise. Then wash and breakfast . Will help you have a good day .

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ralphfurgason537 days ago

My best way to wake up is with my wife beside me. Then lay there quietly watching her sleep.

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genri536 days ago

Очень сладкий поцелуй девушки) меня быстро будит

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olja225588533 days ago

The best way to wake up is to realise that you are late. :D

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Atirudra532 days ago

u just wake up there is no other way :)

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khaledmus526 days ago

put aringer near by your ears nd before try to sleep earlier.

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my_asylum453 days ago

Stop Sleeping.

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tppackage1453 days ago


Drink a glass of lemon water an half hour when you wake each day

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serezha448 days ago

Hi! Get a child, he/she will wake up you as the best alarm in the world :) And cold shower which you have before strong coffee with a very very sweet doughnut or cake can help too. Good luck!

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Jobert422 days ago


Use your phone as an alarm clock. Set the alarm 5 times 1 minute gap. For example you need to get up by 5am, set your alarm 5:00am, 5:01am, 5:02am....5:04am :) that's it

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