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How to stop being bald? Reward $2
Created by summersummer, 1656 days ago, 3818 views

I am suffering from hair fall everyday, especially when I am washing my hair. Will I be bald soon? Oh, that is terrible. Help me!
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Masum1655 days ago

Hi @summersummer
Yes,you can.But You dont have to blender onion .Just cut in some pieces and Massage the juice into your scalp or cover the bald patches. Leave on for at least 15 minutes (longer if you can tolerate the smell) and then wash out using a mild shampoo. Mix ¼ cup of onion juice with 1 tablespoon of honey (if more mixture is required, double the amounts). Leave it on for at least 30 minutes.You can See changes after 4-5 days & there is no side effect of using it.

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Masum1656 days ago


You can Use Onion Juice Helps For Fast Hair Growth.One of my relative use this trick & his hair now much better .

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RWhite1656 days ago

Use super glue!

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ha141656 days ago


if it is hereditary, then it is not possible.
If it is infection then better to see a doctor

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Aravi1656 days ago

Hi @summersummer
Their are simple tricks that can solve this problem.

1) Apply Onion Juice on the hair loss area.

2) Use the mixture of 50% coconut oil + 50%Almond oil.

3) Avoid daily shampoo.

4) Keep sleep hours minimum upto 6 hours and keep your self stress free as max as possible.

5) Avoid hair gel.


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braz681656 days ago

The miraculous mulberry tea:

personal account - took me to this post because it first wanted to make sure
my improvement was even due to the inclusion of mulberry leaf tea in my day-to-day.
Now, after 3 weeks of taking it all the time (cold), I can say without a doubt,
that it actually has the properties that the Japanese have reported in their studies.
I was going through a period of absolute dismay, lacked the will to perform tasks
minimum, and the worst was no more that natural sense of positive expectation, that
We hope that springs from within us when we have a good design and want to put it in
execution. It was so bad that even my projects succeeding and being praised even
all working out and getting the results, I was still immersed in that lack of
joy, an apathy so great that it could not even enjoy my own achievements. THE
life had become a daily EITHER DO.
So unmotivated and without waiting for improvement, I was searching the internet about these symptoms, and
I came across a link stating that the mulberry leaf had 22 times more calcium than milk.
I hesitated. But me interested for two reasons; one because I hate milk, need calcium and do not trust
capsule (I had bad experience with these expensive vitamin complexes, which came to me
cause temporary paralysis in one arm), and secondly because I have a foot blackberries in the backyard.
Why not try?
I went to the backyard and took just ten sheets, washed, plunged into the biggest pot I have at home, which
it is about five liters of water, let boil and cool, put in a jar and left to freeze because it does not taste
hot drinks. Adocei and I. Right away I was surprised as the taste and smell, which was
very good, although, during boiling have transpired a fish smell type sardines, which
empestou the house and left me very afraid of your liking.
On the first day I felt good in the late afternoon was strangely willing, and look
landscape, I thought the day was beautiful. This may seem an exaggerated comment, and with intention
to make free, but it is not; I literally did not think the beauty over the landscape, looking at the sea,
to the mountains and, although knowing of her beauty, he knew he had lost the ability to me
revel in it. Was it tea?
In the evening, another surprise; I slept. Literally blacked out without the help of TV, which always left
linked to cloy me and to fall asleep. I slept! And then I woke up already looking for the tea.
They do three weeks today. I turned to run, to go to the beach, and most importantly, that recovered
internal expectation that everything can change. I rediscovered myself to myself. Oh really!
And I can say without fear that you will feel some effect too. Maybe more, maybe less,
but certainly feel, because it occurred more people in my family, and we are all
addicted to tea now. Try it! And preferably, plant a mulberry tree, even if it is
a vessel, instead of buying capsules.
The effectiveness tested and approved the Mulberry Tea was first given by Ministry of studies
Japan's Health, been released by Channel TV Japanese NHK, after the samples analyzed
the leaves of Amora Miura, could be proven through studies that really it has effects
powerful to control and prevention of:
* Diabetes: - It has the DNJ, Glucose rate of Inhibitory with the release of insulin Natural;
* Kidneys and Liver: It improves the functioning of the liver and kidneys, inhibiting the accumulation of fat and
cholesterol in these organs;


* I'm taking mulberry leaf tea for two weeks and I feel good now! It is a natural hormone. (Rogério Lima).

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summersummer1655 days ago


onion juice? can it be made at home?

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summersummer1655 days ago


Thanks, but neither of my parent is bald, and there is useless to see doctor, so I want to get some advice from this forum.

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summersummer1655 days ago


That seems harder to keep stress free. Is the bald related with age?

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Aravi1655 days ago

Hi @summersummer

Yes bro! Stress average time to sleep all affects your health and indirectly affects your hair too. This happens in a chain reaction.

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summersummer1653 days ago


Thanks, I will try. That is really terrible to be bald in such young age.

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Masum1653 days ago

Welcome.Yes,my relative have this Problem in Young age But now he is Quite okay.i suggest you to go to the doctors.They can give you better solution than us.Thanks

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summersummer1652 days ago


Thanks, I have seen the doctor but his advice seems useless.

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summersummer1639 days ago



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christof1639 days ago

just pick some stinging nettle and boile some in a litle pan then if its coold down you have to wash youre hair a copuple times withe water and rub it in all over youre hed you have to do this twice a week fore about 1 month . and dont where caps it isnt good for youre hair

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christof1639 days ago

just try Yves rocher products its revieuws is on Yves rocher .be

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