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What is the easiest language to learn? Reward $3
Created by realtrain, 564 days ago, 879 views

Easiest foreign language to learn
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pustoi11564 days ago

The answer to this question is quite simple, although the response to different people is different. The desire to learn any foreign language is based on the interest of a national culture. That is why in spite of the fact that artificial languages ​​like Esperanto or say Toki Pona - certainly remarkable, is not enough wanting to study them. So just ask yourself, what kind of culture of the country you are interested in, and the answer will be obvious. The complexity of language learning at the same time plays a secondary role - anime fans will be much easier to learn complex Japanese than the relatively simple but totally uninteresting to him Spanish.

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pustoi11564 days ago

Spanish - is the easiest language to learn. His vocabulary is similar to English spelling simple (as it is written, and heard). It is similar to Italian, is widely used, it is very simple pronunciation and grammar. French is also not difficult, many of the words are similar to English.

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Masum564 days ago

German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch and English all derive from Latin.

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nunitak564 days ago

Probably the ONE that is closest to you. I would try kiddie books first, like I learned my native tongue.

But I work differently from most people, more so for language. I am a digital more than analog person as well.

Most adept with language(s) are not like that.

Once you do 4 or 5 I hear, 5 or 6 more are quite easy, but no revealing explanation as to why. It must be arcane.

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