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How to clean viruses on my computer? Reward $12
Created by mocksone, 1669 days ago, 3244 views

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pustoi111669 days ago

avast to help you

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Pravy1669 days ago

Trust me and install 2 software to clean and am 100% sure it will clean all viruses.
1) Windows Defender:- Yes Windows defender. Install this first, update and then run a scan.
2) Malwarebyte anti-spyware and Antivirus :- This will help to remove all the viruses which Windows defender might leave off.

BTW please run scans after you update the Antivirus. Without the updates for all new viruses, it will be the same as running a Ferrari with moped wheels.

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Aravi1669 days ago

Hi @mocksone
Try to scan with Malwarebyte anti-spyware and node 32 in safe mode.


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benedict_cc1668 days ago

The best way and the only possible way to clean your PC is to reinstall operating system. Antiviruses can remove viruses from your PC, but they can't repair injuries made by them, for example registry edits, etc...then virus effects will remain at all. therefore it's highly recommended to reinstall Operating System. Regards!!!

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only_god1668 days ago

Use kaspersky disk rescue is powerful tools from boot for killing virus.
Download here :
and burn on on CD Or DvD
and restart your system And boot From dvd .
Run kaspersky disk resuce And sacn your system .Scan from boot is best way for kill used.

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Ravindra_21668 days ago


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MrBanana1668 days ago

Put a giant bana up your mums anus and suck it. JK XD Best way to remove irremovable viruses is to RESET you PC.

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Drmgiver1668 days ago

The best way to get rid of viruses is to use an operating system that isn't susceptible to them. Use Linux.

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LB1668 days ago

Лучший, бесплатный -

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Dipto1668 days ago

Install Panda free antivirus. It's very good with less options so that you don't feel complicated. After you install it run a scan. If you find it difficult contact me I'll tell you how to remover each and every virus from your computer.

Download Link :

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ByrdDiagnostics1668 days ago

*No, you do NOT have to re-install your operating system, Windows Defender is not good enough to get this done, nor can it run properly if Windows is already infected.
So, multistep process, I do this for a living as Byrd Diagnostics, but I'm happy to help you for free*

1) Do this first

There are multiple options here, if you have a USB stick or a CD we can burn, we can take that route.
If not, I need you to boot into Safe Mode With Networking.
Make Sure the PC is entirely off, press the power button, and rapidly press F8 (top line of the keyboard)
It may, or may not beep, either way keep pressing it until you load up the boot options.
Login using the Administrator Account, select "Yes/Ok" if there is a pop-up informing you that you are in Safe Mode.
Hold the Windows Key, between the Fn and Alt Keys, Windows Logo in a circle, and while holding it press the R key.
This will bring up MSConfig "System Configuration"

The first tab is "General"
Select the circle for "Diagnostic Boot" and press "Apply"
(This way when you reboot into normal Windows it will help prevent some viruses from loading)

Now copy and paste the following URL for SuperAntiSpyware Portable
Click the checkbox to the left of " I agree to the product license terms."
This will cause a download box to appear that looks like this:

Click it, and run the program.
The only think I suggest changing is checking "Decline" for the Free Trial
It won't hurt you, but it does run out in 30 days anyway.
The program will automatically run if you left the other boxes checked, and will update automatically
Now. the program will launch, click upper left button with the magnifying glass that says "Scan This Computer"
This will bring a short list of options, the picture below has exactly what you need checked
(Remember this box will appear AFTER clicking "Scan This Computer"

Now, click "Complete Scan"
This will take some time, have a snack, lunch, etc, depending on the degree of infection.
Once finished it will tell you how many threats were found.
It will show a list of all issues found, you should be able to right click and select all.
Once everything is checked, hit next, and allow SAS to quarantine all the programs.
Once finished, reboot normally and login.
I now suggest downloading MalwareBytes Anti-Malware from
Also, decline the free trial unless you just want to let it run for free for 30 days.
Update it, and do a full scan.

While doing that, I highly suggest Bitdefender Free (Lightweight & better than Avast! in my opinion)
Install, it will auto update and scan.

If you have any issues, at all, message me directly and I will get you sorted it, I've been doing this for 12 years professionally, I'm getting pretty good at it.

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Tankkiller1667 days ago

I will give you a few programs that will help you clear thousands, even millions of viruses
1. (My personal favorite) Advanced system care 9, this program is FREE, and cleans privacy issues, spyware, registry clean, junk files clean, internet boost, shortcut fix, boost your computer, and a lot more! If you are interested in this program here is a link:
2. Iobit Malware Fighter: This program is FREE and removes millions of viruses, but some viruses can only be detected when you are using pro. Here is a link if you want it ( I would recommend getting this)
3. Malwarebytes anti-malware: This FREE program can detect and efficiently remove various types of viruses, however, pro doesn't give you to much more if you do get it. Here is a link if you want it:
You're welcome in advance! :)

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nihal291667 days ago

hi @mocksone , my personal choice for cleaning viruses is Avast ,its free . you only need to do is download avast free from =
. install it , after when you will restart your pc it will run boot scan and delete those viruses which cant be while windows is running , so avast starts before viruses start and starts scaning for them and you will have full control on that virus infected file whether you want to delete it or ignore it or something else .

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threeball1667 days ago

As I have posted on many other forums,I learned of Avast in 07,AFTER having the same problems you seem to be having.Since d/ling Avast- running it in Boot Scan mode and enabling self-protect in settings,I have never had another virus.

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nihal291666 days ago

@threeball , i agree with you , i also recommend it

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jk98731666 days ago

I would highly recommend to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium.I have tried many other antivirus but they slow down my computer by running in background.This is a small antivirus with powerful tools.I am not advertising it but i found it best.U can try yourself.
link ""

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carter1666 days ago

You can easily remove virus from your PC with the help of anti-spyware tool. Just download this tool now and easily get rid of PC threat with one click solutions.
For more information visit -

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maren1665 days ago

Also, use HIRENS BOOT CD - This is bootable cd with programs, LIVE WIN XP and dos programs AND MUCH MORE...

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pc3601665 days ago

spyhunter it's always useful!!

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raziko1231664 days ago


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braz681664 days ago

Microsoft Security Essentials:

easy to use and clean my PC thoroughly

I have been using this software, It can scan very fast and can clean my computer thoroughly, So that my PC always operating well! I like this software.

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ewe1662 days ago

Já uživám AntiLogger a super !!

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itius1662 days ago

Install SecureAPlus and run Initional Full System Scan. It has 12 Antivirus Engines.

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SIFTech1661 days ago

----------Virus Removal---------
1. Download Avast Antivirus
2. Scan.
If they didn't help do this
1. Download Malwarebytes
2. Threat Scan

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stpz151661 days ago

Eset Smart Security 9 Version

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LWB1660 days ago

I use 3 ways.
1. Download Malwarebyte anti-spyware there is a free version that works well
2. Downolad Hit Man Pro. There is a free version of it also.
3. The last resort if you have you hard drive and folders backed up, download a clean sweep program to wipe your hard drive clean . This will completely get rid of everything on your computer. You can then set your computer to restore of factory settings. If you have download any programs from the internet and not saved them on a backup disc or thumb drive you will lose them.

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SexyIndian751660 days ago

The best thing to do if you have any viruses on your computer is do a system restore. Just google you make and model # of your computer and it will tell you how to return your computer t OK its factory settings with or without recovery disk.

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MickelMalik1658 days ago

Whach this video i hope it are helpfull

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ivanbelov_1658 days ago

Скачай антивирус "360 Total Security - надежная защита! Антивирус + очистка и ускорение ПК!"
Очень хороший и легкий в использовании!

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Hazem261657 days ago

There are many programs that can help you to clean a virus.
For me I would choose ESET Smart Security it will come with 30 days free trial so you can clean you device for free if you liked this program you can buy a registration for year if you want to keep safe from viruses.
check it out just choose your PC info 32/64 bit.

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MariahJane1643 days ago

Why to install any software when you can remove all harmful viruses and malware manually from your PC. Follow the easy manual steps to easily remove any virus from your computer from registry editor and MS config (best and 100% virus removal tricks) :-

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max291642 days ago

For the best results and of course you for free, I have two tools for you.
-The first tool is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. you can get it from this link:
-The second tool which is a free Anti-Virus. It's powerful, light and easy to use. You can download it from here:


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molps1642 days ago

скачай утилиту доктор веб, а после антивирусник

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advancedtechnologies1642 days ago

try using Avast------------
Wise 365------------------
Download the above programs from the manufacturer's websites then go offline and run full scans.
Do not download these programs from cnet (which includes bundled crap-ware hidden in its downloads).
do not download antivirus/antimalware programs, etc from 3rd party sites ever. Do not download anything from which offers antivirus/speedup my pc programs that are infected with a virus.
If the above mentioned programs do not solve your problems then try using command prompt to run chkdsk and sfc /scannow.
iF THAT DOESN'T WORK, YOU MAY HAVE A CORRUPT HARD DISK OR DAMAGED MEMORY which is very common and misinterpreted by some as virus problems. If system recovery did not work, then it is most cost-effective to replace your computer. How can anyone possibly give you correct answers when your question is so vague with no details or symptoms given, i.e., did your problem happen after a recent driver download, after a windows update, after visit to a website, after opening an email? what did you do just prior to the occurence of your problem?
The drivers are what turn the collection of parts in your PC from a generic Windows-running box into a processing powerhouse. Your ideal driver setup, though, depends in part on your PC's configuration--and on your tolerance for risk.

Generally speaking, you want to have the newest drivers available for all your gear. For example, making sure your graphics card's drivers are up-to-date will usually fix bugs and enhance performance with each new revision, and you might not be able to perform basic functions such as networking or audio input/output without your motherboard's full set of current drivers. If you're still having problems getting certain devices to work, updating the BIOS might be in order.
If you stick around the PC scene long enough, however, you’ll inevitably come across a driver update that breaks something that used to work perfectly. That's why some people prefer to stay with whatever driver version works for them--and leave it at that until something doesn't work. Short of clinging to an older, working driver, you can fix many driver-related problems by rolling back to a previous driver version, or you can uninstall the updated drivers and reinstall (from scratch) a version that worked fine.

If you're on a new, store-bought Windows 7 PC and all of the component drivers are preinstalled, you're probably better off with the existing drivers (though you may want to check for BIOS and graphics-card driver updates for the performance benefits anyway).
If you have windows defender or microsoft security essentials-remove them from your computer entirely and us AVAST antivirus.
remove all windows updates that provide telemetry, which hogs precious computer resources ,removes your privacy, and negatively changes computer settings. research all of your remaining windows updates on google as many windows updates have been discovered to be defective/corrupt. do not ever upgrade to windows 10. if you have windows 10, then immediately install the program available on this site------
P.S.-please understand- how can anyone possibly give you correct answers when your question is so vague with no details or symptoms given. ----good luck.
P.S.S. when ever you are about to make any changes to your system or configuration, you must always create a RESTORE point.
if your changes made a negative effect to your system, then you can use system restore to revert back to the original configuration that you had prior to your recent changes.

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marxclark1633 days ago

Computer viruses are very dangerous for any Windows PCs. Some days before, my computer had got infected with a harmful threat called which is a nasty browser threat and causes infection into system as well. I gone through the internet search about its removal and finally reached at one point. following instruction from there, i was able to get rid of this threat completely. Now, my PC is safe from all malware infection.

click this link to know more :

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MacularMock1629 days ago

Victim of PC threat like PUA.Script.Packed-1 and many more can resolve there issues with the help of ant-malware application. Simply download this tool and instantly and effectively all type of threat from system in a single click.

For more information on this tool click the link:

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Atirudra1629 days ago

put it on fire, the thing

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khaledmus1628 days ago

use any antivirus you get forexamble Microsoft essential security.

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chris1231601 days ago is a notorious computer threats categorized as browser hijacker that once gets inside victims computer bring up lots of issues. Soon after it infiltrates into computer, it target installed browser and then without victims permission bring changes into your default browser settings. It replaces your homepage, changes search engine and also add bad plugins which result in degraded browsing performance. After its invasion whenever you open browser ads in different form occupies most of your PC screen and too at regular interval search result would be redirected to some unfamiliar websites containing ads. You will get your search engine changed.

Question arises, how does infect PC? Cyber criminals designed this very malware with sole intention to earn money and for that it has been widely spread over Internet. Thus a little mistake while browsing result in intrusion of this malware. usually comes into victims computer via clicks to luring links, visits to infected websites, sharing data in open network. My PC was gets infected when I have installed a game application downloaded from unofficial websites. However, opening spam emails attachments and watching videos online are some other commonly seen intrusion methods.

After its invasion, browsing activity will totally hampered as well as PC performance too baldy affected. Due to loads of junk file CPU freezes regulalry and sometime computer may shutdown unexpectedly. Leaving all sides, it is capable to track online activity and thus your private details are under cyber threats. Hence one must delete as soon as possible.

My PC too once gets infected with and after that doing online activity was challenge for me but all thanks to complete complete removal solution I found here:-

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Mike1461572 days ago

CoupScanner is program that shows online shopping coupons for sites user visit and competitive prices, named as Ads by CoupScanner. Whether you want them or not this will display ads. adware infection is designed specifically to make money. However this ads also use to make high web traffic, for the domain and even collects sales leads for the other dubious sites which is used to displays ads and sponsored directly in your web browser links.

If you accidentally click on one of the ads generated by this infection adware, your system will face another side to this attack threats. It will appear when the user begins to browse websites online shopping. With its ability to track your browsing activity, this adware can display ads which will attract you to click on it. Ads by CoupScanner issues coupons that are relevant to search queries. With more ads appearing cache accumulation within the turn to take some resources and even pulled out of the main parts of the system to function normally

Ads by CoupScanner classified as an adware program which is used by hackers to scam users system and downloading free products or third party software program. You can see a lot of non-stop unwanted advertisements in your browser. Due adware browser will be redirected to some other malicious websites. highly harmful or harmful web browsers. This adware infiltrate the system without your consent through feeware download, spam, malicious links, etc.

Once on your computer, you will see countless ads, pop-ups, banners, links, offers, coupons and other related advertising. Because of these additional ads, your browser may fail and this may lead to a degradation of the system. This Ads by CoupScanner modifies the current browser settings, because you can change your homepage and search engine. for the affected browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, etc. Because of this malicious virus. This threat also modifies the registry settings and disables the firewall computer system. This infection also download other infections virus infected Windows.

This vicious virus once infect my system after a long search i got reliable answer from here :

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alorriel1567 days ago

If your system is infected with virus then you need to make use of powerful anti-malware tool. Follow the link to download the best software which can help you to remove all the available threats permanently in few clicks.

Click here:

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RemoveMalware1486 days ago

first, kick yourself for getting one, plus not having protection installed, that's like buying a condom, having sex and not using it,
Caution several anti programs won't work in 1 computer make sure the ones u use are compatible, run a good antivirus program from an ONLINE FREE site, then you will need to buy a full version anti-virus/malware program install runs should help,
If you just reinstall or rollback that won't does it, the nasty can hide in minor files.
You will need to pray format, un-partition then partition again format start from scratch make sure you install protection right after your computer is finished with a full install of fresh op system.
Make sure you clean every hard drive ( i got 3)
Good Luck hope you did not lose anything important and didn't pass it on in an email or file to another person, you should contact all from the contact list and tell them, just to be safe.

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