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How would you describe Lions? Reward $2
Created by byebye, 875 days ago, 1513 views

How would you describe Lions?
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The_PyroMania875 days ago

Hi @byebye
Do you know the praise "The Lions always pays their debts"?
Yeah right. Lions though are dubbed as being violent and cruel, but somewhat somehow, they are loyal and honest deep in their very hearts.
That is what almost all of us miss about the truth of lions. Lions are not only limited and connected to greed, power and superiority. It also can be tagged to mercy, leadership and trustworthiness. It also implies intelligence, pride and wealth.

Now, here is to you.
I give you:

Hope it keeps you informed and entertained.
Cheers and a high five.

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only_god875 days ago

Lion is King of the jungle..

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nihal29875 days ago

Lions, scientifically known as Panthera Leo, are best identified by the fringe of long hair that encircles the heads of the males, and are the only felines that gather in groups called prides. The lionesses in the pride are all related, and the young cubs will typically stay with their mothers until they have matured.

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pustoi11875 days ago

big cat with unkempt hair on his head.

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Aravi874 days ago

Hi @byebye
I was able to see a animal with real royal, glories look. Symbol of braveness. Unique big cat family. A social animal. Carnivorous animal. A kind of hunters. A animal kingdom where female hold the write for the land. Animal with short life not more then 18 years mostly. Animal with bold voice. Called as king of jungle. Said to be symbol of pride and wealth and trustworthiness in many countries. Also crude, blood thirst scientifically. Nocturnal animal which can see in night.


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LB874 days ago

Это я!!!

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BTW874 days ago

ME Too

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naprah855 days ago

A majestic huge kitty cat with a very bad bite and curl your toes breath, they will eat you, their bite really is worse then their roar.

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rageye01855 days ago

just seen one long time ago took down a zebra what a moment always in my mind

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LavenderStar845 days ago

A glorious part of the wild that reminds us that there is still strength in nature.

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VIRUS845 days ago

Это я!

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serezha844 days ago

Hi! Selfish and lazy and in the same time responsible and quickly!
Good luck!

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khaledmus827 days ago

king of the jungle

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Icuska751 days ago

Csodálatos szép állat.Az vadak hercegnője!

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