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Who wants to be a millionaire? why? 5
Created by zch098, 571 days ago, 807 views

Simple question, simple answer.
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The_PyroMania571 days ago

Hi @zch098
Me. I wanna be a millionaire, so F#$%%^g Bad. Buy all of the things I ever had.
I wanna be on a cover of Forbes magazine. Sitting next to Oprah and the King ((James)). LOL

Cheers and a high five

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zch098571 days ago

Yes me me.can you give me some?

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braz68571 days ago

Me. To invest in the projects of people who have great ideas but do not have money.

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sunrise571 days ago

Sure. Everyone doesn't want to be poor.

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WiseCleaner_admin571 days ago

Hi! Please follow Community Guidelines:

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zch098571 days ago

@WiseCleaner_admin , sorry my bad. :D delete my replies pls. thanks

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Aravi571 days ago

Hi @zch098

I think everyone likes to be a millionaire. I think it required no explanation why? You can buy nearly what ever you want. More easy life. You are the boss.


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yas570 days ago

To help alleviate the suffering of other living beings, human & animal. There is still so much help needed and work to do.

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Dipto569 days ago

I wanna be a millionaire. It's kind of a daydream. That's why I never thought about what I'd I do with all the money. Ciao.

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Pravy565 days ago

I want to be a Millionaire. As to why? My answer would be why not be one?

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momoko564 days ago

I want to be a millionaire. How?

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DDWW1971564 days ago

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Zubari558 days ago

Create jobs and make life more meaningful for the less fortunate people.

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csa_k554 days ago

I, because I currently have no money

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