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Why are Yeezy Boost so expensive? Reward $2
Created by philip, 934 days ago, 2492 views

Why are Yeezy Boost so expensive?

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ByrdDiagnostics933 days ago

All Adida's Primeknit fabric shoes with standard Boost soles start at $120, So the cheapest Yeezy Boost shoes are upcharged $80, they have a non limited edition pair for $200. The Limited Edition YB's are $350, with Ultra Boost adding $40, and $40 STRETCHWEB outsoles, & you are being upcharged $150 for the branding & limited edition.

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nihal29934 days ago

get your solution here =
. reasons are = the designer , high quality materials , big brand, high resale value etc

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Aravi934 days ago

Hi @philip
Because they are designer piece and are made for luxury. The product don't focus on how to make shoes cheep but planed and produced as to be expensive.


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pustoi11932 days ago

it's just fashion. time will pass, the cost will fall.

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Jeffnaija931 days ago

I'd say that the price is as a result of a combination of several factors. One the materials used to make the shoes are a bit expensive.But that's just a small fraction of the cost. The bigger cost is the compensation for the Yeezy brand.Kanye West puts a lot into these creations and as such wants value for the hard work.Kanye is reputedly obsessive with projects. He creates these designs hoping to get the most out of them. The partner shoe company be it addidas for the Yeezy Boosts or Nike for the Blinks wants to make money too on what is presented to market as a premium brand. Consider that being Kanye West the shoe comes with endorsement from a host of celebrities, for free.That gives Kanye a big bargaining edge when cutting the deal with the partner company. Now that cost is recouped at the point of sale,hence the cost of the shoes.
Hopefully I made sense.

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Jeffnaija931 days ago

The shoe used LED lights implanted in the out sole, but after issues with low battery life and cost evaluation, production staff at Nike came to the conclusion that phosphorescent rubber would be used in place of the LED lights.using this brand is just a way to keep their popularity in their standard of living.

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ZeeshanAhmad3494930 days ago

Quality and Class

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