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Best thing to feed my cats 5
Created by HatsuneMiku, 902 days ago, 1536 views

Heya everyone, my cats are being a little bit stubborn lately, I don't have a great income so I buy them the cheapest cat meat there is and they have stopped eating it, so I tried them on some dry food, bought some high-quality Whiskers and they didn't eat that, but yesterday I was in Tesco and saw I could get 4 tins of Tuna for a pound, can I feed my cats tuna everyday?

I should also mention the sofa in the picture is my old one lol hence why it looks gross it's in my garden
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sam_qwerty902 days ago

I wouldn't recommend whiskers cat food as its high in vegetable protein and carbs that cats cant digest very well. As for the tuna if its in brine its a definite no no cats cant dispose of salt in their system and is not a complete food, cats need a complete food that contains taurine a type of amino acid.

If money is an issue i would recommend a food that is complete and derived from meat with added taurine, Butcher classic is a good cheap cat food u can get it at Tesco's for about £3 for 6 400g tins.

link to butchers classic at Tesco's

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HatsuneMiku902 days ago

Thanks but that's the meat we was originally feeding them but they no longer eat it, I assumed they was bored of it

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Aravi902 days ago

Hi @HatsuneMiku
Try some fresh fish and chicken. They like them more then meet. Cats will like Tuna.


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serezha901 days ago

Hi! You can start with Tuna, but in a few days they'll bored with it too (my cat did). So the best way is to alternate fresh and canned fish, pork, beef. And they should not be the cat's one. Give them to try some vegetables. My cat likes green peas, tomatoes and boiled potatoes with grilled carrots.
I hope your cats will be healthy and active!
Good luck!

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Stoneheart875 days ago

As others have said, your cats won't be able to live on Tuna.

Dry food is actually best for your cats, wet food ends up rotting their teeth. You'd be better off getting a decent dry food and maybe mixing in a little wet food once or twice a week as a treat. I sometimes crack an egg into my cats dry food even! Keeps their coats shiny.

To find a good dry food, look for one where the protein (chicken, fish, whatever flavour you're looking at) is listed as the first or second ingredients. A fun rule of thumb for pet food is that the ingredient with the highest content in the food is listed first.

Whatever food you try, give your kitties a couple of days to adjust to it, don't offer it once and then assume they don't like it if they don't eat it immediately.

Good luck!

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Olga1111874 days ago

Кошки любят свежее мясо и рыбу, творог, сметану, в общем, всё натуральное.

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