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Invisible dog toy Reward $2
Created by HatsuneMiku, 899 days ago, 1156 views

Heya everyone, I have a staff and she is an obsessive chewer, every toy we get her she chews through, so I brought her quite an expensive toy off eBay it was by a shop and it was stated as Invincible, like a week later now and it's in tiny pieces all over my carpet, am I entitled to a refund?
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Aravi899 days ago

Hi @HatsuneMiku
Now it depends on how it got damaged. According to me, if a good sold as Invincible that doesn't mean it is non damageable. You need to check with the seller clime first. You can climb for refund, if damaged during expected usage. If the damage is made because of intentional act with tools, then we will have no legal climb chance for refund.

Kindly check with the eBay help-desk. I will pray that you will get refund of money.


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pustoi11899 days ago

open the dispute, upload crisp photos, describe the cause of damage. In any case, if you are unhappy, you need to open debate.

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CoolCat899 days ago

I think you can get a refund, because as I can see this product doesn't match the description and declared characteristics.

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HatsuneMiku899 days ago

sorry it said indestructible and it got damaged from my dog chewing it

yes I have lots of photos ^^ I will do~

I'm glad~ thanks

also this may help this is what I bought

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Aravi898 days ago

Hi @HatsuneMiku
Then you can sue them if not refunded.


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ralphfurgason817 days ago

Just get your dog the leather chew from your pet store. They are cheap and last a long time. Dogs love them, especially young dogs.

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zukgod815 days ago

As an Ebay seller myself, I would never put indestructible in a title. Everything can be destroyed, but as for people telling you to sue them, or to even set up a claim on ebay. I would suggest simply asking the seller to first just make things right by giving you a full refund. Every time someone makes a claim on a seller it hurts that persons business, you have to put yourself in the sellers place how would you feel if someone wanted to sue you or hurt your business before they even asked you to make things right? I am not saying that's what you're trying to do, I am simply addressing some of the other answers. Like I said, personally I would just message the seller through ebay and tell them what happened and ask for a full refund. If the seller is a good one, then they will simply give you a refund, and it's a done deal. If they decide to be a bad seller and tell you to pound sand, then get ebay involved and ask them to get the seller to give you a refund, which of course ebay will do. This is a pretty simple thing to get taken care of.
As for a toy for your pup, Staffs are pretty hard on just about everything, my wife and I own a pet grooming salon, and those dogs have jaws of steel and can chew up pretty much anything. Whatever you do, don't get them those rawhide bones, they can kill a dog because they chew them up and they can plug up their intestines, I would also not get them any leather goods. With a pup like you have, I think your going to be stuck just accepting that it's going to destroy just about any toy you get it. I honestly cannot think of any toy that it won't be able to simply chew up in a week, that type of dog needs a lot of attention from you to wear it out everyday. maybe teach it to go after a ball, don't use tennis balls though because the felt on the outside will wear down it's teeth. They sell a rubber ball that my dog loves called a "Chuck It" ball it's orange and blue they make different sizes and is the only thing my dog has not been able to chew up in a couple day's, and is not hard on his teeth. If you need any advice on your dog or toy's that might hold up longer feel free to message me, and I will give you my direct email address. I love dog's and will help anyone I can to keep their dog safe and happy.
Good luck with getting your refund, I am sure the seller will do the right thing by you. Remember if they are good to you, make sure you give them positive feedback, sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers anymore on ebay, so it's not a really fare system for a seller, and buyers can pretty much get away with anything they want, I have had things stolen from me or returned an empty box or one with a rock in it and ebay gives their money back, and as the seller I have nothing I can do. I am not saying your doing anything wrong, simply just try and look at it from both sides. I bet this will work out just fine for you. If you need help with the ebay transaction I am happy to help with advice on that as well. Good luck, post up a picture of that pup and the destroyed toy, I would be interested to see what it was so I can be sure to tell customers not to get one. Take care.

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