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What is happiness? Reward $25
Created by pustoi11, 748 days ago, 1055 views

What is the most shining moment of your life you were completely happy?
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Aravi748 days ago

Hi @pustoi11
Happiness is the being happy. Till date, the most shining moment of my life is that my graduation. This is because, I have earned and studied on my own.


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yas748 days ago

Not meaning to frustrate your query, but happiness is not one single moment... It's a state of mind. Consider The Dalai Lama, he is happy despite the situation he and his country Tibet are in. The key to happiness is accepting life as it comes, dealing with everything as best you know how. Then your shining moments will be alternating with crappy moments. And it will all be okay.

And I know this is not the answer you were looking for! It's a deeper truth.

Best regards,

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luckymicky777748 days ago

There is a cliche that says it can be found only inside, what does this mean?

The pursuit of happiness is a daily thing, for me often it starts with meditation, and repeats as such if there is something that flusters me within the day. We are human and often a moment of happiness can be triggered by buying something, meeting someone, etc, but true happiness stems from going deep facing the good and the dark inside of yourself and accepting it, which produces confidence and more and more serenity, this changes the perspective on the world, and you know when to act instead of reacting constantly to everything and everyone, good luck on your search :)

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pustoi11748 days ago

I understand perfectly. but I would like to know what, exactly, makes people happy. love for someone or birth of the child, no more situations? really all so corny?

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Yuri748 days ago

Happiness is when satisfied with what you have.

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OpenMind748 days ago

If you are a human being, I suspect you want to be happy. have fun to release sadness.

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yas748 days ago

Hi @pustoi11
Nothing from outside can give us lasting happiness. Happiness can only be found inside. The Buddha teaches us that attachment creates suffering. We are all attached to so many things, we want things to be a certain way or to not be a certain way. We judge ourselves if we don't live up to a certain standard. If we can learn to accept everything as it is...this will contribute much to our happiness. But this is not easy to achieve. Much can be said about this, it's a lifelong path of study. Even the concept of acceptance and attachment can take a lifetime to grasp. Another lifetime to practice. And yet another lifetime to finally realize.

Best regards,

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yas748 days ago

Just a few general suggestions to create a happy state of mind:

-Be thankful everyday for the good things in your life
-Be humble
-Be modest
-Be helpful
-Accept what life brings you and try to see the lesson (what it can teach you)
-Learn self-love

As you can see, these things all come from inside of you.

Best regards,

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arturkk748 days ago

viver com todos em familia talves isso

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jammmol747 days ago

the most happy moment in my life is when i graduated from university , but happiness is not could be described by one or two good things just happends , it's came from many many things , things may need long life to be happend >>> :)

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Dipto745 days ago

The happiest moment in my life is when I passed high school with all subject's marks more than 90% . Nobody thought that I could do it. But showed them what I was made of. Now I'm studying Software Engineering.

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braz68744 days ago

Happiness is born and alive. Knowing that sad or happy moments can not change this state of the soul . We need not smile or have money . In this world of illusions , happiness is our only reality !

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yalekanter744 days ago

Birth of first child...

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jk9873744 days ago

"Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence."- Aristotle

Happiness is not determined by what's happening around you, but rather what's happening inside you.
This video is best i found for this question ""

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ZeeshanAhmad3494744 days ago

I choose to be happy today :)

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pustoi11744 days ago

Happiness to you today)

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omarwa79744 days ago

I find myself happy when I was away from problems.

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bulumishra744 days ago

Very simple! When we help others!

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americaneagle77743 days ago

Happiness? Happiness is simply life. The ability to live with others and yourself. In the world today that is truly saying something. To be willing to give of yourself that inner being or self that has the ability to find that inner peace that knows happiness and love is really wonderful. To be able to look in a mirror and like yourself and love yourself as a human being. Also there are going to be times when you may not feel that which is happiness. Happiness and the knowledge of how to retrieve it is without a doubt a gift that few have. If you have these qualities of and as a human being? That is HAPPINESS. For with it the sky is bluer, the world around is cleaner, and when you look at another person you see the good rather than the misgivings of that person! To all who have read this be happy, have love, but most of all remember love yourself. If you cannot do this, you will never know the meaning of Happiness!

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americaneagle77743 days ago

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BTW742 days ago

When you feel peaceful.

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ewe741 days ago

neexistuje všechno je jen náhoda!!

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Sensei741 days ago

It's just an illusion but, mainly is to spend your time with the people you love...

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arjay740 days ago

what is hapiness ?

hapiness is what people feels on their freedom from being who they are and what they are .

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serezha716 days ago

Hi! I cannot answer this question (nobody can I think). But I was the happiest man in the world when I took my newborn daughter on my hands!

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Aravi715 days ago

Thanks for selecting may answer as the best answer.

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