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Do you think that tablets are useless? Reward $3
Created by MyWay, 1670 days ago, 1718 views

I just read an article:
But I do not agree.
Laptop is heavy, and phone's screen is not big enough. I think the 7 inch tablet is irreplaceable!
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maren1668 days ago

Tablets is very useful. I have two, one is dual SIM, booth are eleven inch and very easy for use.

But, from my experience I must say that there is two type of tablets: ONE who can read PDF format and OTHER who can't read PDF format.

Anyway, read PDF or not, tablets is very useful for programmers, for business people who need to stay in touch and have good notebook in hand,

but also much more than simple phone. This is TABLET.

Easy for use than laptop (smaller) and offer same things like laptop. Almost all like laptop.

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pustoi111670 days ago

you are absolutely right! tablet is more convenient to carry and communicate in social networks. and there is a powerful desktop computer for gaming. laptops weaker than desktop computer, which is more suitable for the beautiful game. tablet is more convenient than a laptop. there are tablets with snap-on keyboard and the keyboard works via a wireless network. In my opinion, a laptop middling who soon simply become extinct. In addition, tablets with more powerful and productive become every year.

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pustoi111670 days ago

on the phone, you are also right. not the big screen causes eye strain. In most cases, it is this impairs vision in the future.

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aman1231670 days ago

No, they are not useless they are easy to carry as compared to laptop's.

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MyWay1670 days ago

Yes! Besides, Android is more suitable for entertainment than Windows.

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Aravi1670 days ago

Hi @MyWay
They are useful. They are lighter then laptops and wider then mobile phone. They just simply do the work when you are out of your home town.

If you are a programmer, then it can't help you more. A programmer need at-least a notebook. But other can do more then 90% the work in tablets.


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nihal291669 days ago

@MyWay 2-in-1 Laptops are my choice but look they have been invented due to tablets . some people prefers tablets instead of phones and laptops. TABLETS ARE ALL ROUNDERS !!! UNBEATABLE .

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DSG_UA1668 days ago

In this case the most important is your own opinion. If personally to you phone is convenient, why should you pay attention to any articles?

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maren1665 days ago


For example: A lot time in store I see seller's when coming to make list what need to this store.
What you think, what seller have in hand? Cell phone? Laptop? No, seller have a TABLET, huge,
large tablet where make list of stuff what need to be transported in which store.

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dlm30301664 days ago

I just bought a 8" Lenovo tablet and although I have other computers, laptops, cell phones I love the portability and convenience of it's size and usefulness.

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maren1663 days ago

Hello @MyWay

Just to say thank you for choosing my answer like a best.
I hope that is really help, not only for you, for all forum.

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lowtyde851636 days ago

yeah just get a keyboard and mouse ona nice sized tablet and you have a really good deal, not to mention the fact that kodi w/ live tv can be added to it. the next wave are all bendable / rotatable. and detachable with modular add on components. i wish windows or google would just buy the other.

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