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What is the worst smelling food in the world? Reward $2
Created by Rice, 721 days ago, 1648 views

What is the worst smelling food in the world? Don't copy and paste. Thanks!
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Masum721 days ago

Hi @Rice
Here i think the most worst smelling food in the world....

**Devil's dung (also considered to have a highly noxious smell)
**Durian (very pungent smelling fruit from southeast Asia)
**Fesikh, Egyptian fermented fish.
**Garum, fermented fish sauce.
**Hákarl, Icelandic rotten shark.
**Shiokara, Japanese seafood fermented in highly salted viscera.

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ctnpknbug721 days ago

Balut eggs-Half-hatched chicken egg.

It is a 15-16 day fertilized chicken egg. Open an egg and pop a 16 day old incomplete chicken fetus into your mouth, complete with partially formed feathers, feet, eyeballs, and blood vessels showing through the translucent skin of the chick.The bad part is picking the feathers out of your teeth. They say it's delicious...YUCK!

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pustoi11721 days ago

Vieux Boulogne - soft cheese from northern France. Connoisseurs and gourmets cheese describe it as the most "fragrant" cheese in the world. Ordinary mortals of this "flavor" is literally breathtaking. The fact that Vieux Boulogne - very smelly cheese in the world, even scientifically proven. In 2004, researchers from the University of Bedfordshire have developed an electronic nose that is able to analyze the smell of cheese. The study Vieux Boulogne was found even more malodorous than epuas Burgundy. A Burgundy epuas is so pungent smell that keep it in public places is prohibited.

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pustoi11721 days ago

Further. This is a rotten cheese Marzu Casu from goat's milk with fly larvae inside.

Sardinians special leave cheese in the open air that flies lay eggs in it. They will soon turn into larvae, which cause fermentation of cheese. When the degree of fermentation is satisfactory, Casu Marzu is cut and the traditional bread is eaten.

Most adventurers worms are removed before eating, but the Sardinians say that they give the cheese an unusual taste. Strongly recommend not eating them! It is enough that these worms can jump to a height of 15 cm and can cause chronic infections.

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akhil_raj001721 days ago

Surströmming, Sweden
Baltic sea herring are fermented for at least six months to create surströmming, the Swedish delicacy that is widely considered to be the smelliest food in the world. Telegraph Features Writer Harry Wallop described the smell as: "a mixture of old nappies that have been left to linger unsealed at the bottom of a bin, combined with the unmistakable and sharp note of dog faeces".

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akhil_raj001721 days ago

Century Egg, China
Is anyone really surprised that a dark green egg that is kept packed tightly away for years doesn't have the best smell in the world?

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Aravi720 days ago


Kindly refer the below like:-


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SoftGuitar720 days ago

I STILL contend it's TOE jam.... I just can't stomach it !

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shestar720 days ago


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Togekiss_4011720 days ago

Worst smelling food I believe is just not edible, moldy foods smell the worst, anything moldy is just a god awful stench! If you want to know what's the worst smelling food it has to be rotten, moldy food that's not edible any more! *BARF!*

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icecream720 days ago

These photos are awful...

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JDThomas31699 days ago

I found that chocolate ass cream is tasty however, it smells horrid!

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MpandA689 days ago

Rotten food? lol.. nothing worse when you have left food out for too long and it turns into alien abnormal colour looking type of sponge.

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Cgoding674 days ago

rotten food that is left vin the refrigerate

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ralphfurgason672 days ago

My answer would have to be talapia fish by far! There is a lot, but I still have to stick with the fish...................... LOL

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